Monday, June 12, 2006

Speedy Recovery, Anis

On Saturday, my elder brother, Bakhtiar, called to tell that Anis was being hospitalised due to high fever. Unfortunately, we could not visit her immediately as Paklong and Maklong were hosting a kenduri aqiqah for their grandchildren. It was also a farewell to a number of the family members who flew to U.S. the next day.

After visiting my maternal grandmother's ailing younger sister, Wan Teh Jamaliah, and my maternal grandfather's ailing younger brother, Tok Lang Adam (who was the Qadi for my Nikah ceremony), the members of Chez Chembong proceeded to Putra Specialist Hospital to give Anis a cheer.

She looked deucedly delirious to see us, bringing out all her toys to play with Atuk Ali, Wan Asmah, Pak Teh, Pak Cik, Pak Lang, and Mak Lang. Angah was just as excited to see his siblings. We had asam pedas ikan pari and nasi ayam at Pak Man's for lunch and bought nasi ayam for Along and Kak Nani who arrived at the hospital while we were at the stall.

Speedy recovery, Anis. We love you.

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