Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Hat Trick

I edited my previous entry thrice because Kamal is steadly glued on the plush sofa, surrounded by ayah, Cimi, and Cajib, watching the Germany-Costa Rica game, thus disabling him from fetching the camera in the car, which contains the pictures I would like to upload here. I am into World Cup, definitely, but other teams do not have similar magnetic pull as compared to Brazil. Anything else does not trigger any interest within me, except for the fact that Wanchop might be named Man of the Match in this particular game. Now, that is magnetic.

I hope Cikgu Wan Rodzali has not lost interest in football after refereeing a group of clueless girls during a mock English Premier League, which was made up of teams comprising second former sets in English language lesson once upon 1995.

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