Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lost (Dictionary) and Found (Realisation)

Cilan called to borrow an English-English-Malay dictionary, if I owned any. Which I did not. I owned two exceptional dictionaries, but they were nowhere to be found after one of my younger brothers borrowed them right before I moved to my new place with Kamal. Cimi said he kept it in the drawer of the computer table. Cajib said he only borrowed one of those for an assignment which was done in Rembau, not in Subang. Cilan, then, said "den tak minat nap guno maso tu."

Now that he has to use it, I am thinking of buying a dictionary meant for a chef-to-be like him. Then, he might pay back by cooking for Kamal and I for our special occasions ;p.

I am definitely getting one for myself, too. And, perhaps, a thesaurus as well. Looking forward to going to Kinokinuya afterwards while waiting for Kamal to finish his meeting.

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