Thursday, June 22, 2006

New, Every Day

I woke up to my mother's cooking in Rembau as Kamal and I decided to rest there on a lazy Sunday evening, after our energy was squeezed out by Anis and Haris in Pulau Gadong. Moreover, on Monday, I needed to be Mas' personal referee for Tapisan Keselamatan in Putrajaya, which was just 45-minute drive from Rembau.

I was the emcee for Malam Kesenian Islam, which required me to don a hijab. K-lynn sponsored the inner hijab, Fand, the hijab itself, Yong, the brooch, Era, the style, and Ayue and Fique, the cheers. Thanks to my understanding fellow emcee, Husni, for being calm despite the last-minute preparation as I fell sick after Monday's Putrajaya trip. It was a brilliant day. Thank you, everybody.

Seh, Fique, and I accompanied Yus to MidValley. Kenny Roger's quarter meal was a perfect substitute to Unit Sajian's chicken rice, the Skin Food lip balm Yus introduced felt delicious on my lips, and the skirt displayed at Mixed Culture window charmed me with its vibrant colours. Later in the evening, Diploma Pengurusan Awam participants attended yet another function, Malam Jasamu Dikenang. It was specially arranged for INTAN supporting staff who have contributed to us in numerous ways. I really enjoyed all the performances, particularly the Indian dance, which reminded me of the dance we the fourth formers performed during the farewell lunch for the fifth formers, back in Seri Puteri.

Fique and I will keep ourselves busy with the preparations for our sidang's dance troupe. It is only a day away from Malam Awan Menari Unggas Menyanyi. At the moment, we are completing an assignment due tomorrow. And, I feel like getting a new something.

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