Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Under the Duvet Experience

I am no longer a television junkie, who did not bother going to school to collect her Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah result early Saturday morning as there were endless enthralling television programmes that day! Heck, I even liked Ultraman, with Taro being my favourite then. And, How to Use Public Telephone on TV Pendidikan is a television junkie's must-watch item, as confirmed by informal surveys done back in high school and university.

These days, I watch television only when my favourite show is being aired. As for last evening, there was none. With the scrumptious Kettle Organic Brown Rice Tortilla & Light Cheese Dip substituting popcorn, Kamal and I had an under-the-duvet date instead, watching a mystery movie.

A different side of Robin Williams that made me cringed in sympathy. Kamal, my idea for relaxing has always been light genres actually.

So, the next time we have another under-the-duvet date, the movie will be my pick. And, I would like to watch Desperate Housewives after our swimming date tonight. No The Omen please.

I am still traumatised at my chums' idea of having me seated at the end of the row with empty seats next to it while watching a horror flick!

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