Friday, July 21, 2006

Cuti-cuti Malaysia, Featuring Durian and Mangosteen

At this time, last week, I was enjoying an exquisite breakfast buffet with Kamal, in Johor Bahru.

We pushed south right after work on Wednesday. As Kamal had a morning meeting in Singapore the next day, I volunteered to drive and let him rest. It surely reminded me of the adventure along the North-South Expressway during those university days.

Since I forgot my passport, Singapore was out of reach. Nevertheless, I had a great escapade, having the hotel pool all to myself, having the gym all to myself, and most importantly, having the television remote control all to myself, too, as Kamal was away at work.

By the way, at an R&R, Kamal and I found the best banana chips, which is produced by Felda under the label F Best Food. We tried to search for this particular brand again, to no avail. Oh, such sumptuous taste, such perfect crisp.

On Friday, after a late check-out, we were ready to leave Johor Bahru. Pressed for time, we had a light lunch. What a coincidence because a family friend, Zam, invited us for tea, during which durian would be served. True indulgence was ahead, as there were mangosteens as well!

When I was little, Wan, my maternal grandmother, encouraged my brothers to climb the mangosteen trees and collect the fruits. Plucking off the ripe mangosteens right from the trees ensure premium taste as compared to waiting for them to fall on the ground.

One waits for durian to fall from the tree though. Which reminded me of year 1997, back in Seri Puteri. A number of my dorm mates were back from the musollah when they noticed an almost ripe durian hanging low near the clothes lines. Seeing there was nobody around, they plucked that durian and back in Kedidi, hid it under the dorm leader's bed. While waiting for the fruit to ripen, a day came when Cik Aisah, the Head Warden, conducted an impromptu dorm inspection. As she walked along the aisle of my dorm, everybody prayed that she would not find the durian. She did not. Before stepping out of the dorm, she however remarked, "somebody in this dorm is craving for durian?" Ha! Of course she could smell the pungent-sweet aroma.

Back to Zam's place, we also enjoyed a number of Malay delicacies, thanks to his wife's selection.


  1. mana aci beb... aku balik johor gak ari tu, tak der pun orang nak ajak gi makan2 cam tu.. huhu..

  2. Huhu! Ko balik Johor mid December ni, mak ko masak semua yang ko nak lagi!