Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ese Anak Ghombau

Kempen Membaca Kebangsaan was launched on July 14, 2006. Manning the Ministry booth was one of my final tasks in Quality Management Unit, Management Service and Corporate Division. Ministry of Higher Education displayed research findings by students and lecturers from local public universities and information on the Ministry and its agencies.

There were myriads of activities. One that captured everybody's attention was a handless talent identified by the Ministry of Women, Family, and Community Development, who was able to draw perfectly with her feet. Then, I heard a familiar voice from my booth: Ally Iskandar was one of the speakers invited to promote reading culture. I also saw Chef Ismail in action on the main stage from where we were. Although I am not a fan, I must admit that he did entertain the crowd with his chirpiness. Do you know he is from Rembau?

Here are among distinguished figures from Kampung Berkat Chembong, Rembau:

1. Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dato' Dr. Mohd. Rashdan bin Haji Baba, a true academician and corporate figure. I first knew him as my uncle, my mother's cousin. As I ascended phases in my life, he became an inspiration as both him and his wife are passionate in bequeathing their values in life.

2. Ahmad Mahmud was a well-known actor during P.Ramlee's era. Among the films he has acted in are Hang Tuah (1955), Lela Manja (1960), Ibu Mertuaku (1962), Dayang Senandung (1965), and Raja Bersiong (1968). He is related to us, but it is his sister, dearly known as Wok Peah, whom my family is close to.

3. Dato' Zawiyah Baba was the Director General of the National Library of Malaysia. If given a chance to interview a prominent lady in Malaysia, she will be my choice.


  1. hii..
    Dari mana awak dapat gambar dari filem raja bersiong tu..filem tu setahu saya tak penah dikuarkan dlm bentuk cd.dvd dan diharamkan oleh kerjaan..hehe3

    Adakah awak memiliki filem tersebut?

  2. aziz: I got the photo from the internet. I somehow remember watching Raja Bersiong on tv when I was little.