Friday, July 07, 2006

A Sumptuous Surprise

As soon as I entered Kamal's car after work yesterday, I voiced my craving for banana fritters. However, as we were rushing to reach Melaka before Maghrib, I had to suppress my craving for there was no stall selling the fritters along the highway. We gave Ayer Keroh R&R a try anyway since both of us would like to change to casual attires. Kamal sat in the car, probably trying to break my BubbleBreaker record, as I changed, and afterwards, toured the food court for banana fritters. No such stall in sight.

I walked to Kamal's car with a pout, which changed to a broad smile as I saw:

My favourite Baskin-Robbins between the driver and the front passenger's seats!

We had our all-time favourite flavour for ice cream or chocolate. Sumptuous. Would be perfect if there were banana fritters. Ha ha!

Thank you, sayang!


  1. so sweeeeetttttt......hehehe

    how long have u been married my dear???

  2. Felia, it had been a year then :).