Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mek Bungo's Haven

Mek bungo. That is my mother's nickname in Chez Chembong, given by my father. Having passion for flowers, she has even planted a selection for our new place.  Now, Kamal and I must learn to take great care of the flowers like Mek Bungo does.

I strolled around Chez Chembong on Sunday to practise the first art of nurturing flowers: talking to them. They reacted well to my gestures.

My mother loves orchid the most. I do, too. Not only because they are uniquely gorgeous, they are also easy to care for. Then, there are flowers there that I did not notice before. I am sure the surau-goers would appreciate the beauty as my mother planted these near the fence bordering the house and the surau.

Her collection also includes kiambang. She used to wade through a big pond belonging to a relative just to get a water lily.

Then, there is a particular cactus with an interesting story behind its existence in Rembau. My mother actually landed her eyes on this plant while having her hair cut at an outdoor salon within a Thai village in Tanah Merah.

Oh, and many more!

I will come with more collections in Mek Bungo's haven.

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