Friday, August 11, 2006

Memohon Mi Jawa dari Bahagian Kewangan

They made a dash into the auditorium lobby, only to find the meeting attendees pouring out of the exits. She saw what she wanted to see. The Officer from the Finance Division. Being desperate, she grabbed her aside. The Officer was hungry, which was obvious from the early exit from the meeting, but seeing that her captor was actually famished, she suppressed her hunger. She only needed to nod a yes. The captor's sidekick anxiously waited. Yes.

"Saya tak tahu pun Puan Aishah tukar kerja."

It was unplanned, but somehow, both of them were wearing turquoise traditional attires. He, in baju Melayu and she, in baju kurung. Together, with trays in hands, they did look like a waiter and a waitress from a local caterer.

"Misi selamat, Puan X. Saya dan B sedang bawa Mi Jawa ke bilik jamuan sekarang." That was Puan Aishah, reporting to her boss.
An excerpt from a hilarious drama, 'Memohon Mi Jawa dari Bahagian Kewangan', co-starring Puan Aishah and B.

The excerpt is actually longer, but Puan Aishah needs to go back now as Encik Kamal is downstairs, waiting for her in his car, which she can view from her corner-lot cubicle.

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