Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Extended Limbs

Drawing, to me, is a passion, rather than a talent. Most of my fellow Art classmates back in Seri Puteri were the true talents - incomparable to my below amateur sketches.

When I was five years old, Mak found my doodles in her old notebook. They resembled my baby brother, Cimi, very much, with his spiky hair and all.

In primary school, I took orders to design clothes and home interiors. Of course, the were strictly for amusement. So, Mak, this explains why I kept on buying new notebooks although it was only a week ago a new one was bought.

In secondary school, Nini showed Mahathir's portrait I sketched to Kak Elly, who was considered an art maestro in our school then. It was only natural for her to laugh as Mahathir's serious countenance turned out to be funny. Thanks to my decision to choose Art as my elective subject for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, as well as interesting assignments from Cikgu Hadi, I got to hone my skills both in drawing, painting, sculpting, and crafting for two years, alongside those talented chums.

In Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, the only time I could practice with art was for Literature assignments in Semester 1, during which we were to design a book cover for Charles Dicken's Great Expectations and enact a scene from The Death of a Salesman through drawing. Then, there was a night of severe addiction in my final semester, and I asked Mas, my housemate, to scour for her favourite picture for me to sketch.

Aside from those, there were also sketches done in monotonous classes. Uh oh.

The last time I sketched a good portrait, at least at my below amateur level, was in 1998. Afterward, as I had that severe addiction to sketch again despite the busy schedule during the Diploma Pengurusan Awam program, the portrait became tormented in every way possible. All because of lack of practice. Told you it is not a talent. Heh.

Recently, I found a newspaper clip of Rocco, a cook show host from Ace Ventura fame, and decided to draw it. I replaced his face (the pillion passenger) with mine and his friend's face (the vespa rider) with Kamal's. The result: I have extended limbs in the drawing.

My limbs will be normal next time :).


  1. pretty neat compared to me yang memang tak reti melukis, hehehe. Jalud and his sibblings can tho coz FIL dulu memang rajin buat oil painting :)

  2. Malu jugak nak put up the comot drawing, but I really wanted to share the 'extended limbs'!