Sunday, June 17, 2007


Saturday, June 16.

My mother was not in the pink of health, but she insisted that I spend the weekend with Kamal. We deserve to be alone though because all three weekends since we moved to our place were occupied with gatherings, if not works. Little did we know my mother had a hidden agenda. She did not want us to be back in Rembau because there was an audition for a new programme on TV3, Casa Impian.

That Saturday, Kamal and I snapped photos of a space we thought was worth a makeover. After breakfast, we sped to Alamanda to print the photos. Afterward, we sped to Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama for the audition. There, I met a fellow coursemate. She told me that my husband and I had acted right by not going there in the morning or else we would need to queue. By being late, we could sit down right after the registration.

We were the 159th interviewees. My kiasuism told me to stay in Sri Pentas until our turn even though Kamal preferred to kill time in Ikea. My kiasuism had indeed given us Juara Lagu overload as it was the only programme aired in the waiting room. Juara Lagu 1986 until 2007. We had fabulous time with our lame jokes nonetheless. Well, all the waiting and no playing would make Kamal and Aishah a dull pair.

At 8:30 p.m., our number was called. The pair before us would like to revamp their bridal boutique. How could a mere living room match the brouhaha of a bridal boutique, eh. Again, Kamal and I held to the feel-good factor. Just enjoy the now. When we were asked to introduce ourselves, the interviewer remarked: "Fuh! Macam host." Ha.

The interview lasted for a good five minutes, including the part where I requested to add something not asked. I mentioned that being selected would be a great present for my mother as it was her idea that we participated in the programme. Both of us felt so.

After the interview, we decided to catch a movie in Cathay Cineplex. Prior to that, we had scrumptious dinner at Marche. My oh my, Shrek 3 was hilarious, but I spoiled the fun by announcing to Kamal my intention to retire early. Boo. Blame the process recommended by my gynaecologist. Heh. The silver lining is, Kamal was able to catch Formula 1 qualifying round.

The next day was our anniversary, which was quietly yet meaningfully spent at home.


  1. Wow! Rambut baru. Lebih gonjeng.

  2. Noodle: Gonjeng A-Go-Go (A la BB Park) ;p

  3. I wanted to go for the interview (which I only knew two days b4) but at that time we had already bought tickets balik kampung

  4. haircut kat alamanda kat which salon? i went to hairven twice, not bad and pretty affordable.

  5. Alysha: Fortunately you didn't go or else we'll have more competition ;D. Seriously though, the interviewers asked more questions to business owners who'd like to renovate their premises. Plus, our concept might not interest them.

    Jaja: I prefer Jantzen just because I had a nightmarish haircut at Hairven. But, I haven't seen the stylist responsible for the disaster there :D. Yeah, their price is affordable (compared to Jantzen). I'm interested to check their mani-pedi price range.