Sunday, July 22, 2007

19 Again

The date with Mas and Tiqa at Shroom last Friday rekindled the memory when we last met two and a half years ago. Then, Kamal and I had our first date at Nippon Tei. Mas and Tiqa joined me in Suria KLCC later for dinner, with details of our life as dessert.

We were a bunch of fresh graduates, who were thrilled with what life had to offer How we laughed and laughed as we enjoyed each other's company. We are none the better now, still thrilled with life. The laughter never ceased. What may change is the way we value our friendship, now that we are occupied with more commitments.

Tiqa made me talk about married life and married life alone because Mas refused to give the details of her romance. We ended up finishing the pizza Tiqa ordered. Typical us. We did exchange the latest news about our coursemates back in university, too. Also discussed was an escapade plan for the school holiday. Apparently, we missed our sidekicks and wished they were with us so that there would be more news to share and more escapades to plan.


  1. u'll never know how furious she gets when she saw this photo!! haha..but in her usual laughing manner of course. i'll sent u the better pics soon. can I have ur mail pls..tq!

  2. As I told you, Kamal and I know she has a grat sense of humour ;p

    I'll definitely put up the better picture. Thanks for e-mailing it to me :)

  3. ahah. finally .. and mas is smiling..haha!

  4. halmahera: I love this picture. Colourful. You're my saviour... or else, Mas would not invite me for lunch anymore. Heheh.