Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bigger Than Life

Meanwhile, my close chums at work modified a birthday poem for me. I love it. Each word.

It is dear Chech’s birthday,
Twenty six years young,
The cake candles are lit,
The birthday song is sung.

Dearest Chech, haven’t known you long,
But already know you well,
We are crazy about you and Kamal,
But I guess that you can tell.

But lately, our dear Chech,
Seems on a new, bold cause,
Becoming a regular gym rat,
Exercising without pause.

Dear Chech, so wonderful,
To have you as a pal,
You are a great, stupendous friend and wife,
An extraordinary gal.

Great friend, great buddy always,
Please accept our hugs and kisses,
For lots of joy throughout your life,
You have our greatest wishes.

From Fique & Ayue.

I also would love to thank other chums for the wishes. I love them. Each thought.

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