Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I am dying to see my family. I am not merely missing the parents and the siblings. I long to be with them. Even Kamal's presence failed to soothe the longing.

When the longing creeps, it is best to get back to myself. A personal space where I could be alone. As the longing creeps when I am down. It would weave itself into a cocoon that protects me from being hurt. So protective, I would be inclined to think that the only unpretentious people are my family members. That is scary, I know, because reclusiveness is not me.

I am calmest when I am alone. The longing will be gone. The protectiveness, too. Nevertheless, being alone only allows me to properly breathe. It has not inspired me to love. How do I love again?

Please do not preach to me about love though. I am not as faithful as I thought I was.
Please let me think loudly albeit how wrong it could be.
It is crucial for you to know that I might not be as faithful, but I have not lost my faith.
More importantly, please do not judge me for I need support, not judgment.


  1. It's unusual to see you crumble but I'm glad you do (and share with your chums). At least, you get rid of the negativity from your system.

  2. Cookies crumbs on ice cream! That's what I am now :)

  3. chech

    we do

    need to be

    pretentious sumtimes.


  4. Jaja,

    I talked to my parents and they gave the most sound advices, in the most approriate manner.

    I just have to be ULTRA positive (like Pooh) :)