Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Onezerofivers are Two

In memory of two years in the administrative and diplomatic service.
Towards more productive years in the service.

Happy Second Anniversary, fellow Onezerofivers.


  1. aaaaaaaai ya ya
    sukanyerr... gambar dalam whaler..
    nak copy.. yeay!
    ada lagi tak kak chech?..hehe

  2. Nolee: Ada. What's your e-mail address? I'll send it to you.

  3. beb, have i given you the cd yet? pls spread the words to other Sidang A, First Term if the want the CD ya.. certainly bring back lots of memories.. hmmm..

  4. chech,

    may i have ki's (who's ki? khai ke?) number, please? really2 want to relish my eyes on the memories :)

    nice pix, dears, bring the sentimental spirit tumbling in...

    sigh, two years and 30 more years to go, hahahahahaha..

  5. K-Lynn: I don't have the CD yet. I guess we could meet up for lunch or I could drop by your office within this week. I'm sure Fique and Ayue would love to have the CD too. Thanks a bunch in advance.

    Shahidah: Looking at the pictures surely brought me back to those carefree days. The camaraderie.

    30 years to go :D I'll buzz you to pass K-Lynn's number. KI is K-Lynn :)