Monday, September 03, 2007

Hot Soup 'n' Bun

It was drizzling and both C&C reached home tired and famished.
Afterall, it was a manic Monday at work.
Once home though, it became a magical Monday,
celebrated at Hot Soup 'n' Bun,
our favourite stop for a simple yet divine dinner.

Camus's favourite consists of vermicelli in hot beef soup and chilled carrot 'o'.
Chech's varies.
Today, she savoured twist vegetable soup and barley drink, both hot.

C&C continue to have a magical Monday with the exciting array of television programmes.
Love, love, love the Rasa Sayang Hey promotion.
Oh, don't we secretly love Monday?


  1. i love mondays because there's america's next top model. if it wasn't for tyra's show, i don't think i'll get up from bed :D

  2. K.Anne: Me too! Me too! I even sacrifice Everybody Loves Raymond for Tyra's show. Eye candy :)