Monday, October 22, 2007

Syawal 1, 1428H

Instead of Bukit Mas, Kelantan, our family spent the first of Syawal in Chini, Pahang. Ayah Soh would love to revive an old, abandoned mosque in the former. We managed to clean the mosque in time for Ramadhan while simultaneously working hand in hand to build a house where all of us could gather.

Kamal and I actually spent the first of Syawal in three states: Pahang, where we performed the Solat Aidilfitri; Terengganu, where we stopped by the beach; and Kelantan, where The Ketereh Clan gathered for family photo. It was indeed a lovely Aidilfitri. Oh, the food, particularly Mok's Nasi Dagang, the journey along the East Coast beaches, and the merry gathering of relatives as well as family friends.


  1. tetibe rasa nak kahwin bila tgk laki bini beraya.. heh. salam eidulfitri to u sis!

  2. asnor filza: Kahwin syiok, bujang pun syiok jugak. Pendek kata, mana-mana pun syiok. Thank you for dropping by :)