Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Art of Campak-mencampak: Fried Noodle

Four things I would love to learn, from scratch:

1. French, again.
2. Mandarin.
3. Sewing.
4. Cooking.

Number four is the most exhilarating because it is the least enticing. I have always preferred book than bain-marie and painting brush than pastry brush. I took advantage of my mother's liberal approach when it came to kitchen education. I prayed without fail for a husband who does not only cook, but love to cook.

Kamal would prepare iced sarsaparilla on a hot evening, but that is it. Heh.

Then, one day, our friends came over to complete a paperwork. I prepared my signature dish, spaghetti bolognese. Only Kamal loved it. My mother advised me to prepare something that endears to pure Malay taste buds. Something like fried noodle for a start.

I was on medical leave today. By late afternoon, I felt fresher. Less pain, less gas. I decided to celebrate the beauty of life by heeding my mother's advice. I called Kamal to inform the menu for dinner,"fried noodle a la Chech".

I recalled the ingredients used in the practicum in Ketereh. My sister-in-law's voice clearly reverberated in the recipe section of my mind. Blend this and this first, put these and those into the frying pan, and voila, everybody will beg for a second helping.

Truly, it was an art of campak-mencampak. "I might lack the experience, but I am creative", I convinced myself. I put a sunny side up on top of the noodle, for the sake of colours. More colours with cherry tomatoes. They made up for the lack of ingredients, too. I only used the items available in the fridge.

You may have laughed your head off by now at my excitement, but I must say that I was ecstatic Kamal actually finished the big portion served to him. He might have been famished though. Oh, apart from being creative, I am an optimistic. He loved the fried noodle that he asked for a second helping although not immediately after.

I have another packet of noodle for yet another trial.


  1. camus: Proven sodap because you want more. You do like it, yeay :D
    Next is soup.

  2. aku ni tak der lah pandai sgt masak. Tapi best gak kalau dpt kongsi tukar2 resepi. Barat2 ni aku mmg out, chech leh tolong aku kot. Melayu2 punya pun kadang2 terkehel rasa sana sini, wlupun husband kata ok.. hemm nak jaga hati kita lah tu.

  3. ayue: Yang penting, husband rasa ok, oklah :D Aku nak belajar sambal tumis ko. Boleh buat nasi lemak untuk sarapan bila keluarga mertua bertandang.