Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Eighth Wonder

Fried noodle à la Chech.

My descendants, who inherit my brothers' talent in the kitchen, would split their sides by merely glancing at the photo of the fried noodle. They might change their family name so it could never be traced to me, The Braggadocio, who was exceedingly proud of her fried noodle from scratch that she blogged about it. Twice.

Hey, Chech can cook.


  1. :)

    keep on campak-mencampak! one day u'll get master the art :)

  2. hey chech, this looks yummy tau! at least, virtually :D

    looks like we both have made up more or less the same resolution to hone our culinary skills. But you're lucky kamal's not so cerewet!

  3. shahidah: Thanks for the encouragement :). I need lots of them to master this particular art.

    k.anne: At least, virtually, kan? Heh. I think there's an advantage having a cerewet husband. You'll know whether the cooking's really good (bukan sekadar jaga hati isteri) :)

  4. Hari-hari saya makan mee goreng! hehehe...Chech, I'm so proud of you. Seriously. Bile nak belanja makan mee yang sodap tu?

  5. ya ALLAH... sedap nya mee goreng tu looks. sabor aje.

    dah lapar dah perut..

  6. ziggy: ~Mi sodap I like it :D Baru sekali buat. Hopefully, kalau buat lagi for 2nd round practice, it will be as good (and good here is my standard ;p)

    noreez: Nampak je sedap, tapi tak layak lagi hidang kat orang lain kecuali for Kamal and I :D