Sunday, October 07, 2007

Memori Payung Perang

Now, the home has more of our personal touches. The rest would follow little by little. From time to time.

There were more boxes than we anticipated. By the time all the boxes in the utility room were emptied, the belongings sorted, and the owners refreshed, it was time for iftar. Which meant my cooking mission had to be postponed.

Today, Kamal and I each had different tasks to attend to. Therefore, no cooking either. We agreed to explore the Pasar Ramadhan nearby considering there was time to kill as compared to the after office rush hour.

Oh, there might be less people because of the dark sky. We shared an umbrella. Approaching the end of the stretch, the drizzle gave way to a downpour.

By the time Kamal got his Nasi Kerabu and I settled for Bubur Lambuk with Popia Basah for both of us, we were drenched from head to toe. We might as well put away the umbrella and enjoy each raindrop. While walking to the car, I sang Memori Daun Pisang, replacing 'daun pisang' with 'payung perang' in the name of the light brown umbrella we were sharing.


  1. Chech,
    I seriously thot you & Camus had a "war of umbrellas" with teh rest of ppl at Bazar Ramadhan :) Perang = War.. get it? *LOL*
    Have a good week ahead.

  2. rose: Hahaha! That's funny. Yeah, it never crossed my mind that 'perang' could also be interpreted as 'war'. Maybe I should use 'karamel' to describe the umbrella colour :D

    Take care.

  3. raggedyanne: Oh, kami memang 'comel' :D