Sunday, October 28, 2007

Open Houses

Kak Gee's.
It was like an open house for the whole Bahagian Perancangan dan Penyelidikan. Lovely.

The Minister's.
Bit and I went together, by ministry bus. We were thinking of Eden's lasagna.

My parents'.
I busied myself in the kitchen. Hilarious.

Uncle Amran and Aunty Khamsiah's.
The venue reminded my siblings and I of our old neighbourhood, where we grew up in Number 21. Uncle Amran and Aunty Khamsiah are great cooks, by the way.


  1. Chech dear,
    Pleasures are ours to be in your thots *big hugz* Next time, either you come over to the house or kita pegi Sushi lak eh *wink wink*
    Hv a great week ahead.

  2. rose: It was a fulfilling weekend for Kamal and I as we met many of our friends despite last-minute notices. Lain kali pun, jemputlah ke rumah di Bangi or Rembau. Sushi definitely sounds good.

    *Big hugz*

  3. chech,

    one tip :: amek gamba at mirror, dun look at ur eyes, look at the lense of d camera... it looks as if u took a pic without mirror...

    sorry i lom baca entry lagi, tgk gamba je dulu tapi noodle tu cam best je laparnya wat keje memalam buta ni...... carik megi leh tak :op~

  4. Glad to hear he's hooked too. Takdelah kau layan perasaan sorang-sorang :-P

  5. binxz: About the picture, I know. Cuma saja pandang camera. I'm the queen of cam-whoring ;D

    lady k: ASAP aku pulangkan. Still in The Summit now.

  6. chech hahahaha

    drama-queen turned theater queen? bila nak star dalam p ramlee d musical :op~

  7. binxz: Eh, queen of cam-whoring is totally different than drama queen. Tapi, berlakon (particularly yang ada tarian) memang seronok. Cuma P.Ramlee The Musical tu kena bijak menyanyi. So, aku fail :D