Friday, November 23, 2007

Once Upon a Fantastic Time

Kamal's old, old notebook crashed yonks ago. The files there were successfully transfered to a new hard disk. Nevertheless, due to a technical problem, the files could not be opened.

Then, miracle took place. Eventually, Kamal and I had access to the files in the hard disk. We found photos from a barbecue session that Noreez and Nurul co-organised in 2005.

Also present were Cikun & Hasnul, Moqq & Milla, Zin, and upon request by his fans, Tukangtaip. Others from the MCKK8286 forum could not make it. My first time meeting them, but they have surely made the experience seemed like a decade a friendship.

CK & F, Rose & Jalud, and Noreez were very thoughtful. They got a sumptuous cake and a golf t-shirt for Kamal's birthday. CK and Noreez also gave me a lovely bracelet with my name on it as a memento from Singapore.

Then, there was the pretty beaded bracelet for me from Raudz, Noreez's sister, who owned an online jewelery business. Back at home, Kamal and I enjoyed the posh Royce chocolates, courtesy of CK & F. We surely can't thank these incredible people enough.


  1. i like it better the way u look now :o))

  2. binxz: Sekarang ni (minus the teeny weeny baby bump), I gumuks la darling :)

  3. owh u should know,

    i prefer gumuks ppl, they are my bantal hahaha

    dats y my project is to make xtra-tall-skinny hubby gemuk. tapi masalahnya, yg berjaya gemuk perut dia je, lain kureng gemuk, tensen betol hahahahha

  4. Darling.. can you send me the picture of the 3 of us tu? i takde eh gambar tu. Nurul was still pregnant with Insyirah & baby is already 1yrsPlus pun.. hehee..
    That was fun that time kan..

  5. noreez: My pleasure :) Your e-mail address is attached to your blog entry, right?

    Truly, that was fun time. We didn't know each other but we got along well. Thanks to Nurul and your hospitality.

    I was excited to find these pictures again.

  6. binxz: Boleh la you aim perut dia as bantal :D

    Just be happy the way we are kan? Sambil-sambil tu, berusahalah ;p