Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Vintage Kebaya Pendek

Vintage kebaya pendek with chain brooches. Kamariah Baharin's collection. I love those.

First and foremost, Kamal and I would like to thank our friends, relatives, and even strangers, who spent their precious time to drop congratulatory messages for Little C, either on our online social spaces or over the telephone. I told Little C about the well wishes and he, which is a general pronoun, responsed by advising me to eat this and that in the name of celebration. Thus the vintage kebaya pendek which offers flexible size accordingly because it does not have any buttons and the front flaps could be folded to suit one's figure. Chain vintage brooches add the chic factor, so I love to think. Oh, I feel very pregnant.

I feel so pregnant that I had to cancel being a master of ceremonies for my colleagues' wedding at the very last minute. Dear bride and groom, I am exceedingly sorry. I feel nauseous, but Alhamdulillah, there is, so far, zero need to vomit. Such predicament, however, has confined me to the chair and forced me to replace high heels with flat. Aye, I am that dizzy.

At night, I would let the bathroom light switched on because of the frequent needs to make local calls. Another reason for doing so was the coughing that would wake me up every hour through the night, which eventually inspired me to read magazines on the bedside table with the light available, trying not to wake Kamal up. I know that God was actually granting me more exclusive hours for even more exclusive experiences with Little C.

I did not get to enjoy such unique moments during the previous, very brief pregnancy. But then again, God is The Greatest. He perfectly knows what is best for us.

During one of the nights that I was awake, my mother's words, upon hearing that I am healthily pregnant, rang in my mind. "You know that with age comes the luxury of being able to stay up at night all by yourself. Such time is always spent praying for my children. For you and Kamal, I never failed to pray that both of you will be granted the joy of parenthood." I cried, partly because of the hormones, but mostly because I realised it was my mother's ceaseless prayers that contributed to this priceless rizqi.

I remember how my maternal grandmother once asked me,"do you still love me despite my sickness and the troubles you have to endure because of it?" I kept on kneading my fingers on her forehead, massaging away the headache. I admit I was mentally haggard. "Of course I love you no matter what." I said, after looking into her somehow longing eyes, that sparkled as she absorbed my assurance. Two days later, she passed away. What is left are a number of lovely vintage kebaya pendek, of which she said would fit me most perfectly.

And then, there is the bequeathed value that one should celebrate life to the fullest. Cherish each second, be it the discovery of a new life or a restless sleepless night. Write a note of appreciation for all the inspirations and prayers. Keep opening doors of moments with the key of happiness, as though one is living for another 1001 years. Pray for the best in life, not only for oneself, but also for others.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. That's a very beautiful entry, with an equally beautiful shot.


  2. camus: For that, I'll be your date for the rest of the life.


  3. u guys never fail to inspire me...

    thanks, dear chech..

    i think the grendel within is absolving by each seconds forth.

  4. shahidah: Thank you, but I think I'm getting more melancholy these days :D