Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who is Who

For something to remember us by, I answered the following questions on who is who in our relationship:

Who eats more?

If it is Nasi Berlauk complete with Budu, he eats more.

As for yours truly, if it is Nasi Berlauk with hot condiment of any sorts, I will eat more definitely.

Who said "I love you" first?

He expressed the exclusive phrase first through a text message. It was a surprise after a series of unrelated text messages.

Now, although the message has been ingrained in our system, we would say the magical "I love you" as often as we could.

Who is the morning person?

Me, although I am an early bird only on weekdays and particularly on working days.

By the way, there is a classic between us:

It was early 2005. We were not married yet, but he agreed to board the jungle train to Tanah Merah together with my parents and my elder brother's family for a gathering. The coach was full with the members of Chez Chembong as well as The Extended Chez Chembong.

Kamal's bunk was across mine. We chatted with each other throughout the evening. It was past midnight when we eventually retired. Me being me, I woke up at 6:00 a.m. the next day. I continued to have a chat, this time around, with my mother, in her bunk. My father was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps, he was in the gents'.

When my father appeared at the end of the coach, he realised that most of our family members were asleep, yet the train was expected to reach Tanah Merah at approximately 7:00 a.m. With his loud voice, he cheekily said, "bangun, bangun, bangun!" The highest impact actually fell on Kamal as my father was standing right beside the former's bunk.

Kamal woke up, drew the curtains apart, and searched for me. He laughed before saying, "your father is a drill sergeant!"

Honey, I hope you are not scarred for life.

Who sings better?

We have a great time guffawing out loud at each other's singing attempts. Not out of tune, but not even worthy of karaoke either.

We enjoy singing to familiar tunes in the car though. So, a tie here.

Who is older?

He is older, but he is young at heart.

What 12-year gap?

Who is smarter?
Both of us are blessed with equally smart brains, thank you.

Whose temper is worse?

Being a Cancer, I tend to be crabby.

Alhamdulillah, being married to a very patient man has re-moulded me into a calmer person, who would only be frustrated at something really worth to be frustrated at. Heh.

Who does the laundry?

I do the laundry, but he helps whenever possible, particularly with the hanging part.

Oh, he is a pro now.

Who does the dishes?

I prefer that we do our own dishes.

Simply because it would be a good example for our child(ren).

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?

It used to be him.

I took over the reign since an accidental manoeuvre during a vigourous sleep which caused me to realise how comfortable that side is. I think Kamal does not mind about it just because I am pregnant.

Whose feet are bigger?

His, by half an inch.

If I buy a thicker pair of socks, I could fit into his sports shoes. Aye, I have Titanic feet.

Whose hair is longer?


By half an inch.

Who is better with the computer?

He is better with the computer because his job scope requires him to be great at it.

I am catching up with his Photoshop skills, where I started from zilch. I need more tutoring with a number of desktop applications in order to be most relevant at work.

We are equally great at typing though.

Do you have pets?

Informally, yes.

There are six adorable kittens in our compound, whose mother moved them here just because we do not have curious toddlers, who would be amused with the cuddly beings only to squeeze them, thinking the kittens' squealing was out of delight. That was what exactly our neighbours' children did upon encountering the newborn kittens within their compound.

Who pays the bills?

We have agreed to accordingly split the bills between us.

So far, the system stays that way.

Who cooks dinner?

I would cook now and then.

Nonetheless, most of the times, it would be the cooks at nearby eating outlets.

Who drives when you are together?

He does.

I would volunteer to drive if I am the one who wants to go to the destination or whenever he is tired during the journey back to Kelantan.

Who pays when you go out to dinner?

At times, he did. Some other times, I did.

There were times we went Dutch.

Who is the most stubborn?

He could be adamant with something he strongly believes in even though I have insisted that I knew I was right.

So, go figure.

Who is the first one to admit he or she is wrong?

It depends on the obvious answer.

If I realised that I was wrong, I would not mind letting my ego down and apologise. Vice versa.

Whose family do you see more?

My family is nearer, so we see my family more.

We would try to go back to Ketereh at least once a month, the most. Quarterly, the least. Sometimes, my parents-in-law would come to Klang Valley or Rembau.

Hey, wait. My family is also his and his family is also mine. Therefore, really, there is no difference.

Who named your pet?

Both of us did.

We now call our informal pets, The Kittens.

Who kissed who first?

Sorry. We do not kiss and tell.


Who asked who out first?

One Tuesday, he asked whether I would be free for a quick lunch date the next day. I had to accompany my mother to an appointment with her oncologist at Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia though. My father had a work commitment then.

However, my father's boss let him off the hook at the last minute. Nonetheless, I tagged them along. I only told them about Kamal's invitation while my mother was waiting for her turn to see the doctor. My father said he had the intention to treat us in Suria KLCC by the way, where the declined date was to take place.

I immediately sent an a text message to Kamal, asking whether he was still free for lunch. He asked me whether I liked Japanese cuisine. I asked him whether 1:00 o'clock was fine. Eventually, we promised to meet in front of Elle after explaining to each other what we were wearing, as he has only seen me once and I was clad in a scarf then. I haven't met him. We proceeded to Nippon Tei and the rest was history.

As a conclusion, technically, I asked him out first. Do you think so, Kamal?

Who is more sensitive?

It is only natural for a Cancer to be more sensitive.

In another sense though, he is quite sensitive to my needs although there is always room for improvement. The same goes to me.

Who is taller?

He is.

I could be taller than him if I put on certain shoes.

Who has more friends?

Subjective, I must say.

In the end, his friends are mine and my friends are his.

Who is the more romantic of the two?

I am the hopeless romantic, which does not entitle me to be a more romantic of the two.

He has surprised me in many occasions. Up until now, the Public Management Diploma graduation surprise is the most memorable. But then again, that does not make him a romantic person although he tries. It is the effort that counts, eh.

Who wears the pants in the relationship?


He is not a conventional husband, who expects a wife to perform fixed duties though. I have a say in each decision, be it major or minor. How I respect him for being a husband who loves unconditionally.


  1. Aku salin zaman dulu dari satu blog ni. Tapi lupa dari mana. Tu yang tak acknowledge.

  2. Interesting post for today! Yeayyyy! Lurrve it babe!

  3. angel eyes: I somehow love tags or questions. They are able to derive interesting views from the bloggers on such minute matters.

    I ni jiwang karat lah. Kalau karat emas or diamond ok lagi. Ni karat besi.

    Berpinarlah mata orang baca entry maha panjang ni.

  4. Bestnya. As if valentine comes early.

  5. tok rimau: Dolu2, on the last day of English Language Camp somewhere, 'kami' rasa seronok tengok Mrs. G yang anggun datang dengan anak-anak yang comel untuk teman tok. Nampak 'the other side' of tok -the romantic side.

    'Kami' pun budak2 lagi masa tu... nampak keluarga bahagia tu dah cukup romantik :)

  6. menarik ni chech.. kinda re-evaluating the relationship.. don't you think?

    mind if i reproduce it in Malay?

  7. medcham: Menarik kan? Silakan. Aku pon tak tau nak acknowledge sapa exactly for the questions sebab aku salin from a blog and then aku lupa salin address sekali.

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to you and family :)

  8. binxz: Huhu! Perhaps, the feet are bigger than Titanic!