Thursday, December 27, 2007

First Trimester

Two days left to cherish the first trimester with Little C. Alhamdulillah, Little C is progressing well despite his Mommy's hectic schedule this December. There were the mother-daughter bonding weeks, the Aidiladha get-togethers, and Christmas celebrations which brought both the Mommy and Little C here and there spanning hundreds of kilometers.

The travelling, albeit fun, was taxing on the Mommy's physical being. Upon reaching home, she lost appetite for the healthy six meals per day. When her appetite returned, she craved for sushi. Yet, after merely eating six minute kanimaki, she had to suffer a severe headache, which was followed by equally severe vomiting. Bleurgh, she knows.

At 2:00 p.m. today, the severe headache would not subside. The equally severe vomiting was still there. She had to drive to Perodua Service Centre nearby with one hand massaging the head. On the way back home, she dropped by Pizza San Francisco, thinking her appetite would be back once she was served with black pepper fish with rice and steamed vegetable. Wrong.

Realising that the combination of severe headache with equally severe vomiting and worsening appetite was bad for Little C, she drove to the clinic. Only to meet with a minor accident on the way back home. Fortunately, the damage was limited to the right signal light with an inch of scratch on the body. The mommy and Litte C are fine. Thank God.

On another occasion, the Mommy's nightie has been replaced by her husband's long-sleeved thick polo t-shirt because it was the only garment that could simultaneously stop the shiver and comfort her to sleep. She has been experiencing cold at bedtime, aye. That had induced a sleepless night which was spent rather appreciatively as she could spend quite moments with Little C. She also thought that it was time Little C's Daddy extend the WiFi modem so that she could surf the Internet from the comfort of the bed during more sleepless nights to come.

Because of the last-minute first trimester complications mentioned, the Mommy was deemed inefficient at prosecuting house chores. The Daddy was very understanding. He helped with the laundry. Now, they wished they could get a certain younger brother's help to get the house spot clean.

The Mommy is tired and hungry. The kitchen is out of reach because it wreaks of cats' smell which she is allergic to at the moment. Oh, it would be exceedingly nice if she could get her hands on a crispy Karipap Pusing.


  1. Hang tough, mommy. All for Lil' C. :)

    The daddy loves you! Mmmwahs!

  2. C senior: I love you too. Thank you for the patience. I really appreciate every little thing you've done to make me comfortable. Mmmwahs!

  3. pity you, sis.

    hang in there my fren!

    the good time will come :D

  4. oh poor mommy of Lil C :( Hang in there will ya for another 6 months perhaps? Tak pe, all pain & suffers will be paid off later when you get to meet Lil C :)

    Take care & have a good weekend :)

    p/s dah install lantai? ours will be in Jan kot coz dah broke after all school fees paid/to be paid, hehehe

  5. medcham: Ah, soothing words from Najla's dad. With supportive husband and chums, I'm definitely getting better. Thanks, mate :)

    rose: Nothing compares to the feeling of seeing him progressing well in me. Can't wait to see him. Anyway, 'he' and 'him' being used as general reference ;)

    p/s: Baru Camus voiced out hari tu... agaknya Jalud and Rose dah pasang lantai tak? Kitorang pun ala-ala les copaque gitu sebab kena prioritise furniture rumah... our parents-in-law might drop by :)

    Mungkin dua bulan lagi, baru boleh proceed.

    My love for the four diamonds.

  6. chech...bersabar banyak2...semoga sihat2 selalu....


  7. aishah: Huhu... I made it sound so horrible eh? It wasn't actually. The horrible part was just for a day.

    Mucho gracias for the wish :)