Monday, January 14, 2008


Disappearing into nothingness.
Nothing but tears.


  1. chech. you okay?

  2. ki: Heheh... tak ok definitely :) I think it's the hormones too la K-Lynn. Senang gila shed tears. Tengok iklan I Am Sam kat Oprah pun nangis.

    Hmm... memang down but I'll get over it. Thanks for dropping by (which reminds me I haven't updated my blog links).

  3. Hahaha. Tell me about it. When I was pregnant, I cried over cerita Lilo & Stictch.. pastu kalau my mom tinggi suara sikit nak pun nak nangis... and kadang boleh terpikir, "hey, why the hell am i crying" tapi x boleh control jugak.. so, tell me about it.. hehe. I am Sam memang sedih pon. So, make sense.

    So, you take care.

  4. soon after the rain, the beautiful rainbow shines wonderfully to brighten yr day :)

    hang on, mama!

  5. k-lynn: It's funny looking back at what caused the tears. Boleh buat list of '10 things pregnant ladies cry a river over'.

    shahidah: Beautiful words. I'm hanging on :) Thank you.

  6. nothing wrong being emo once in a while. it's good to get it out of the system, right? cuma jgn terbawak2 je ok? hope that things are fine now for you :) cheer up ok?

  7. raggedyanne: Ditto, K.Anne. Yeah, I just had to channel my frustration elsewhere. I now know my next step and thank God, my mind is clear at the moment.

    K.Anne, another thing: I now relate you with yummy muffins :) Feel like getting a mini oven after delivery.