Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Literature and Art

Kamal eventually met Sharon Bakar, his former English teacher, who has inspired him to appreciate The Malayan Trilogy through Time for a Tiger, at a talk on Anthony Burgess by Rob Spence.

Kamal and I have been guilty for attending the talk without reading Burgess' masterpieces. Sitting beside me at Wisma Sejarah on January 18, 2004 was Mooke, from whom I first noticed about Burgess. Sitting in the hall were Burgess' former students in Malay College Kuala Kangsar, as well as those who were fond of him or his works.

After listening to Sharon Bakar's account on how The Malayan Trilogy inspired her choice to teach English in the boarding school, Rob Spence's insight into Burgess' boldness, and the old boys' revelation of Burgess or Mr. Wilson's out-of-the-box teaching methodology, Kamal and I surely felt that we were part of those who were fond of the legendary British author.

We are bound to fall in love with more authors as there will be more talks to attend. Of course, this time around, with homework done. At the moment, while Kamal laughs his way through The Enemy in the Blanket after hurting his side from reading Time for a Tiger, I am to pen 2000 words a day in my journal.

To the organiser of the tribute to Anthony Burgess, thank you for keeping him alive.

Other soul-enriching events attended last week:
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