Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Being pampered in Guoman, Port Dickson, was just as good as the initial plan to hunt for our honeymoon flavoured chocolate bar in Langkawi.

Langkawi was out of reach for a haggard me after a hectic Aidiladha break.
Langkawi for second trimester getaway instead.

Kamal, my love for you is boundless.

Melody for the moment: Santana's Samba Pa' Ti.


  1. I love Samba Pa' Ti intro!

  2. u looked great yesterday ~!

    sorry we were in a hurry to fetch khayra... :o)

    bestnya selalu getaway. rarely get d chance *sigh*

  3. binxz: Thank you :) Hmm... I looked rather pale actually because I somehow didn't bother to re-apply my gloss. Semua kata 'ni boy agaknya'.

    We understand. Lagipun, dah Maghrib masa tu.

    Getaway tu dalam perancangan bulan madu sebelum bertiga ;p

  4. eehehehehe

    just to update you dat i've moved from friendster to wordpress. my add http://mamalurvepapa.wordpress.com.

  5. beth: Apasal ko sengih? :D

    The changes noted. Going there now (but will update the link in a while as I need to update a few other links too) :)