Friday, April 11, 2008


Routine, is a homicide. Spontaneity, is an aphrodisiac. To me.

Yesterday, out of the blue, I threw an idea to Kamal, "let's go back to Rembau tonight."
"I am tired though."
"I could drive for you."
"Or, I could drive for you. You could do something else for me."
"Which is?"
"Go to bed without the usual oil lathering."
"A deal there."

The real deal was to visit my parents. Simultaneously, my uncle and aunt from Brunei were there. I suspected dinner to be special.

Sembilang Salai Masak Lemak Cili Padi Belimbing Buluh.
Sembilang Berlada.
The sembilang were fresh from another uncle's pond.

How apt. At breakfast the next day, my mother even offered freshly fried sembilang in a bento box. Now, all I need is a dose of Cendol Kacang Merah during lunch hour.

Back to last evening, after dinner, Kamal set up Skype call for us to interact with my uncle and aunt's daughter in Gloucester. Her children are gorgeous. At bedshire, Kamal religiously lathered baby oil to soothe my back, the earlier deal was disillusioned by the deliciousness of the traditional meal and the gaiety of family gathering.


  1. where, pray tell, do you live exactly to be able to travel to rembau on a whim? aren't you tired? hari ni tak pergi kerja ke?

  2. faruqy: Kinda crazy considering both my husband and I were tired. Haha. But, it was worth it... Kerja pagi ni. Rehat kan lama. Boleh catch a wink.

  3. you mean YOU rehat lama. us guys kena pi masjid la. tapi tersengguk gak dengar khutbah tadi, haha!

    btw, you've quite easily the most impressive array of big words among the people that I know! Followed closely by fiqa, nisha and k-lynn. hehe.

  4. faruqy: Oh, yeah... betapa individualistiknya saya. I totally ignored guys' responsibility on Friday. Apa khabarlah my husband agaknya tengah hari tadi.

    Do you notice that those are all ladies in your list? Maybe our gender tends to be 'more expressive' thus the 'big words'. Heheh.

  5. i can taste the freshness from here :o)

    only the freshness, not d sembilang. i dun like sembilang i dunno why....

    my mum cakap ee rugi tak reti makan sembilang!

  6. binxz: My aunt was surprised that i 'know how to eat sembilang'. Aku tolak batu, kayu dan yang sewaktu dengannya je. Heheh.

    My husband doesn't really fancy sembilang either, but somehow the attraction of hot and crispy sembilang goreng was too unbearable for him. Haha. Oklah, he's my species too when it comes to food. Fancy or not, we would give it a try.

    Cuma, masa early pregnancy, I didn't touch sembilang because I somehow had images of *I'm sorry to disgust you* snake every time I wanted to scoop a sembilang onto my plate.

    Hee... Kamal kata rugi I tak berapa gemar sashimi.