Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Good Day, Little C

What a gorgeous start to the day. The birds are singing. The plants are dancing. The rain is coming, thus the windy morning.

Which altogether churns a thought. Daddy and I are thankful you are here to share the beautiful world with us. We love you.


  1. morning, lil' c :)

    chech dah start prepare nama belum?

  2. Yes she has. It starts with a 'K,' obviously ... :)

  3. starts with a K? Does it continue with letter hair? heheheh..

    I love K people.. Well C pon juga. All the alphabets and alif ba ta..

  4. ki: Yeah, the possibility of continuing it with a 'hair' was there but 'udin' or 'olin' (which follows 'hair') were taken. Heh.

  5. imagine if it was a 'C' and followed by 'hair'?


  6. shahidah: Ngeeheehee :D That's hilarious but hey, still possible. For example, 'Chair'il Selamat (who was often the emcee/host for the finale of Pesta Pantun Kebangsaan Peringkat Sekolah Menengah).