Thursday, April 10, 2008

His Favourite

He wrote:

I love whiteness. It is serene, calming. I truly love white for the mysterious effects that it has on me.

And, yes dearest, we are all ready for Little C. :)

I was in the sixth week of pregnancy at the time his favourite scene was captured. Kamal was playing with our new toy then. Somehow, arranging tiny pebbles into forms engrossed me that I was not aware Kamal was photographing away.

At the moment, we are waiting for a particular photo of Little C. He was smiling. The photo would be in our hands during the next appointment with the obstetrician. That shall be our favourite photo of Little C before his arrival in this world.


  1. 26 weeks.. that's approximately 6 months la kan? when's your estimated due date? do forgive my ignorance if you've states the EDD in one of your previous posts. lama dah tak blog-hopping ni, hehehe..

    my missus sekarang tgh pregnant lebih kurang 4 months. EDD sometime end of august or early september.

  2. correction: *states should be stated. hehehe..

  3. faruqy: Just one quirky comment from me on your name- I recently discovered that the 'y' at the end stands for your dad's name. Heh.

    Yup, I'm in the 6th month now. My EDD is early/mid July (a Cancer guy! I pray he has more creative juices rather than the ultra-sensitive aspects). Madihah's EDD is around the same time as Beth's.

    Congratulations to you, Madihah and Aiman. Aiman must be eager to have a new playmate very soon.

  4. haah you never knew ek before this why there's a "y" at the end of my name? saja je letak, plus I thought that it sounds rather cool. haha.

    haha Aiman memang sudah tidak sabar. but dia still manja-manja and EXTREMELY nakal lagi. macam mana kalau dah ada adik karang? huhu..

    eh Little C ni anak you yang keberapa?

  5. faruqy: I went to the others' blogs and you were there leaving comments as well. Haha! Sah memang kes lama tak bloghopping.

    He's my first. I wasn't lucky with my first pregnancy. Positive result but no growth. Nonetheless, this pregnancy is at the most perfect time for both my husband and I. Alhamdulillah.

  6. Alhamdulillah. Congrats to the two of you!

  7. faruqy: Thank you. The thanks is for taking time reading and leaving comments too.

  8. I love this picture too Chech. Serene and calming..SPOT-ON!!

    Take good care of yourself n Li'l C! Aunty Yong is eagerly waiting for your arrival :o)

  9. yong: Hey Yong! Aiyoh, we rarely meet up these days eh? What about an outing before Little C pops out? When Fique and I met you during PTK, we thought of the good old days when we jalan-jalan cari makan here and there.

    Yong, transfer lah your blog ke blogspot ke, wordpress ke... Senang leave comment. (Heheh... suka hati aku je cadang cenggini).

  10. it is a dramatic composition :o)

  11. binxz: Does that mean I'm a drama queen? Whoa :D