Sunday, May 18, 2008

Potluck Do

Thanks to Azwar, Kak Syila, and Ayu's suggestion, Kamal and I had our first potluck do yesterday for my Kelab Lambaian Masyarakat chums. From the online chat exchanged a month earlier, the do was to be attended by approximately ten adults, including the two hosts. Nevertheless, there were last-minute surprises and was I glad to meet them again. It was pleasant to meet new faces, too.

The food was in abundance. Suffice to say that each inch of the table surface was covered with various recipes. Thank you, everybody.

However, most of all, my husband and I would like to thank those who came and made the do merrier. Abang Adam, Kak Izi, little Aqil, little Ammar, Azam, Yasmin, little Nawal, Wafi, Dee, Little Amni, Sport, Azwar, Ayu, Rozza, Haidar, Daiah, Wak, Atok, Ayam, Kak Syila, Kak Nogy, Kak Su, Comeng, and Emma.

Again, I can't thank you enough for coming to our humble place even just to exchange hello. For bringing the food. For helping me to clean the house later. Oh, for simply being there. Thank you.


  1. checah..thank you too..
    moga kita dpt jumpa lagi dan mengeratkan silaturahim..

  2. Hi K.Dee,

    Yeup, moga dapat jumpa lagi. Insya-Allah, next time, Amni will have a friend to play with :)