Friday, June 27, 2008

Life is About Celebrations

Kamal and I love to celebrate life. Apart from June 17, which is officially our wedding anniversary, we also celebrate June 18, 2005, the Saturday the main ceremony was held. Thus a special something for us every third Saturday within the month of June.

Three years ago, Kamal and I put on the wedding shoes, to walk daintily towards the dais. Last Saturday, three years later, Kamal walked slowly beside me as I was experiencing pelvic pain due to the pregnancy. More celebrations to come our way.



  1. k.aishah!

    OMG! lama x jenguk sini..and i was like lame nye..sbb u nak jd mama soon..very2 soon eh?

    take good care of urself ya?


    i just realized that ur husband is MCKK guy? sweet nye! ahahaha...dah 3rd anniversary baru sapa terperasan...lerr..mckk ker! =)

    and btw, last year g wind ochestra..baju x cantiks, and tahun ni x g tgk..sekali mng ;p

  2. shera: Hi! Samalah kita. Saya pun dah lama tak lompat-lompat ke blog lain. Yeup, sekarang ni, tunggu saat je nak bergelar mommy secara rasmi. Thank you for the well wishes. And thanks for taking time to read my writing, too.

    About wind orchestra, memang tough fight. Tak sangka pun SSP menang. Ingatkan dapat 3rd or 2nd. Penuh dewan dengan SSPians, old and new. Pasal baju kurang seswai tahun lepas tu, memang modal suami (yang patriotik dengan MCnya) untuk mengutuk :p Haha! Nasib baik orang-orang yang pakai baju tu comel-comel je ;)

  3. Happy Belated Anniversary dear :) My doas for many more years to come. Stay lovey-dovey with each other :)

    Do msg me when you've delivered eh ;)

    Take care.

  4. rose: Thank you for the wish :) Kalau boleh jalan jauh, surely I'd gone to the Bamboo Cafe. Maybe we could meet there one fine day.

    Yes, Kamal and I will surely update our friends on the baby's arrival.

    You take care, too. Hugs.

  5. Chech,
    I had an awful pelvic pain during my pregnancy last year too - with my eldest Nabila it was only the last month (that was 9 years ago) but with Q it started al most as the same time as we discovered the pregnancy.
    Take care - pace yourself don't exert yourself. If you cna try to find someone to give you a massage everyweek. without my weekly massages I won't have survived the pregnancy because towards the end I cannot even walk!
    But like you said - life is about celebration!!! So here's to you and your husband happy anniversary!!!

  6. valisa: Hi Valisa. Pelvic pain could be very unbearable because of the urge to go out of the house and walk, walk, walk. I've been experiencing it for the whole third trimester.

    Unfortunately, there's no reliable masseuse around. So, I rest and try to exercise by resorting to use the bathroom upstairs rather than the one downstairs, where I spend most of my day.

    Being pregnant IS a superpower. But it cripples the one having it :)

    Thank you for the tips. And for the wishes. And for dropping by again.