Monday, July 07, 2008

One Piece

I am still intact, albeit out of breath. The answer to what seems to be everybody's universal question for me is "there is not a single sign I would deliver the baby except that he is now in week 39, going to 40, as indicated by the stretched belly."

Everybody here includes strangers who think I walk in a manner that belongs only to labour room. No disengagement of mucus plug. Not even vaginal discharge. The edema has not subsided, either. There is only accumulating cellulite.

So, I walked and walked. Eventually, I ended up in a bookstore, where I got myself two books. Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Mitch Albom's Tuesdays With Morrie. I hope I will be able to save one for the labour room. The ambitious me.

I have pictures from the weekend, but I would like to enjoy my personal masseur's kneads first. Bonne nuit. I will walk more tomorrow.


  1. one for the labour room? girl.. i don't think reading in the labour room is ever going to happen when the pain kicks in..or even when little C pops out.

    Take my word.

  2. klynn: That's why I said it's ambitious and shall I add, impractical? Haha. Unless, it's a looong process AND I've taken epidural.

    But, many advise me to just sleep the relaxing minutes away. For the energy needed later when pushing.

  3. Tuesdays with Morrie sangat best! I think at the last few chapters, I read and cried at the same time!

    Gud luck in the labour room Chech. Selawat & zikir banyak2.

  4. yong: I love The Five People You Meet In Heaven; spiritual without being too philosophical. A good light reading. I've read Tuesdays with Morrie, but only the first few chapters.

    I pray that everything goes on smoothly in the labour room.

  5. Chech,
    dah habis baca Tuesdays with Morrie tu nanti, nak pinjam eh :) Jez kidding :D Anyhow, during confinement you may have lotsa time to kill if Lil C tak meragam, hehehe. The 4 of mine, tak boleh diharap langsung *LOL*
    Anyhow, dah deliver ke? Senyap je :)
    Take care

  6. rose: Boleh je kita swap books. The only thing is, we rarely meet up nowadays, kan. Tunggu raya (macam tahun lepas) agaknya.

    Lil' C, kalau ikut my perangai, akan tak boleh diharap *LOL*. Tapi, kalau ikut Camus, akan baik-sebaiknya (according to his mum la, which is a biased source :D).

    Belum ada tanda-tanda lagi. Ada harapan sama dengan my birthday ni ;p. Or daripada Cancer, terus jadi Leo.

    Takpelah, asalkan dia ready. Anyway, I senyap sebab sibuk uruskan bil and cari set pantang. Yang pentingnya, bengkung tu. Boleh pulak sold out dalam Bangi ni.

  7. Chech dear,

    there's still a long way before Leo starts :) harapan untuk share birthday dgn you lebih cerah *wink*

    good luck with the set pantang & settling bills :)

  8. rose: Yeay, I'm done with the set pantang and particularly, the bills. Cuma, tak rasa larat buat dobi lagi. The wet weather is not helping me either.

    Betul, I don't think the doctor would wait until after 11 days after reaching week 40 to induce the delivery. No sign yet though; I'm busying myself with activities.