Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Groundnuts, Again

My goodness. I was high on groundnuts that I sipped Coke to the last drip and got even higher. The ranting below this post explains it all.

With energy-laden mind and soul, I dreamed of an adventure set in the 50's. There were a mysterious poem lost during a train journey, a pair of white canvas mary janes lost during an expedition in search of the poem, an encounter with a lady in luscious red whose men entourage discreetly passing a scarlet package towards me. I was a chic private investigator. All in sepia glory.

Deep sleep. Awakened only by the Fajr Adhan. It is a sign from God for me to get a good book.


  1. Wow, coke during pregnancy??? Hebats!

    Hope it's not too late for me to say you look pretty in that Mommy C picture :)

  2. chech.. sowii hari tu tk dpt dtg.. aku ada sdara mara dtg umah :(

    ehem ehem.. chech mintak tumpang letak link promo leh tak.. blog menjual barang aku hehehe

  3. lady k: Accidental Coke. Once in a blue moon. Heh. Thank you for the compliment :). No, it's never too late for one; I now feel like changing career. From PTD to plus size model. Nyeh nyeh.

    ayue: It's ok. I don't have your number to call back. However, I knew that you must be up to something suddenly.

    I'll link the blog once I update my dashboard. Berapa persen?