Monday, September 29, 2008

Ramadhan in Ketereh

The third day in Ketereh. Alhamdulillah.

First day:

I successfully breastfed Khalish in the narrow economy-class plane seat, the first time experience made more comfortable by a gentleman who offered his window seat. Reaching Kelantan, it was a joyous reunion with the rest of The Ketereh Clan. Seeing new people, Khalish comforted himself with more of my milk.

Nevertheless, the little boy's skin reacted badly to the air-conditioned places that he became uneasy for the rest of the day. He demanded even more milk and refused to sleep right after each feeding session as he usually did.

Second day:

Kamal and I decided to bring Khalish to a skin specialist adjacent to Bazaar Buluh Kubu, Kota Bharu. However, firstly, we went to Pasir Mas as Kamal had to meet his client. It took us one and a half hour to get there, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we ended up in an excellent paediatrician's clinic at Perdana Specialist Hospital instead of a general skin specialist. The latter was close by the time we reached Kota Bharu. We recommend the service of Dr. Mazidah Abdul Rashid, whose advices healed Khalish's eczema in overnight.

Khalish miraculously slept throughout the traffic congestion to and fro Ketereh-Pasir Mas. He was in a good mood at the paediatrician's clinic that the doctor remarked on his cheerful demeanour. He smiled, cooed, and laughed while we discussed his skin condition. According to the doctor, babies with eczema tend to be cranky all the time. Kamal and I are thankful that Khalish has high tolerance level towards the challenge.

Third day:

Kamal and I dashed to Kota Bharu for traditional attires. Followed by a search for Karipap Segera, as requested by my in-laws. My first time hunting for an item at Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah, which is within walking distance from Bazaar Buluh Kubu.

Khalish has been sleeping for a long stretch after each feeding session today. Kamal and I were grateful for the way his eczema healed. More time for us to enjoy others' company.

Tomorrow is the last day of Ramadhan. I am looking forward to the gatherings during Syawal.

Friday, September 26, 2008

From Camus, Chech, and Little Carl

Salam Aidilfitri.

Maaf zahir dan batin.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Adventure of Khalish II

Kamal, Khalish, and I had our first mini vacation during the weekend. A test for me, in particular, on handling a baby while travelling. The major challenge came my way during the first hour of the first day itself when Khalish, without any warning of stomach ache, did number two excessively. The excessiveness wet my pants and dripped onto the nursing room floor.

I managed to clean a wailing baby and the floor all by myself. It was too much a hassle to call Kamal anyway. Back to Khalish, he slept right after I cleaned and changed him, which made it easier for me to clean myself and find new clothes to change into.  I was fortunate the adventure took place in a shopping mall.

Travel Tip 1

The parents need to pack a change of clothes in the diaper bag, along with the infant's.

The aforementioned episode aside, Khalish behaved rather well during the following outings. It would be completely well had he not let out a loud burp right after being fed at an iftar do for Kamal's clients. Excuse him. The clients' wives, who were seated near to me, were amused with his antics though.

He smiled, cooed, and laughed more nowadays. On Sunday night, Kamal came back from a meeting at 2:30 a.m., tired and sleepy. Khalish, who had just been fed then, was supposed to go back to dreamland. Nonetheless, hearing his daddy's voice, he refused to sleep. Eager to have my husband back as well, I humoured Khalish's babbling while waiting for the daddy to change into his sleepwear.

In the end, all three of us conversed with each other until 3:00 a.m. as Kamal has only met Khalish and I during the weekends since my confinement period started. Therefore, we cherish our time together. Moreover, Kamal, being away from us, thus being away from Khalish's developments, during weekdays, was amazed with his son's latest skills.

Travel Tip 2

No sense of time. Such concept is fun.

I am reaffirming this because I have been rigid with my sleeping time since the baby came. Yet, how often am I seeing my husband nowadays, and how often does he see his baby? Enough said.

Travel Tip 3

Be comfortable as comfort is the key to breastfeed a baby in public areas.

No nursing top is fine with me as long as I wear a stretchable and comfortable material. Nevertheless, nursing bras with milk collecting shells inside could be rather challenging as I would need to lift the top higher in order to put the bra front flaps and the shells in place. Not all public areas are equipped with nursing rooms.

Practise putting on the bra front flaps and the shells in place without lifting the top higher?
Resort to nursing pads and risk severe leakage?
Get a nursing cover?

Breastfeeding did slow Kamal and I down, forcing us to be contented with compact travel itineraries. I can't imagine not having Khalish around while we are experiencing ultimate fun though. In fact, Khalish is the primal factor of ultimate fun now. However, for a trip overseas with families and friends, which is still in the pipeline, I am contemplating whether or not to bring him. Having Khalish would mean compact itineraries to other families whose children are above one year old, and none are being breastfed.

Travel Tip 4

If possible, plan holiday itineraries that are baby-friendly in general, and breastfeeding-friendly in particular, which also means no expectation.

Kamal and I will first enjoy the trip back to Kelantan for Aidilfitri with Khalish. His second time there. His first time on the plane. On a second thought, I should try wearing my baby as a solution to breastfeeding him at public areas.

Travel Tip 5

Try to be as mobile as possible, particularly when travelling by public transports.

Hence, a yes for babywearing. I shall read more about it now. Wish me the best.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Adventure of Khalish I

I just came back from a mini vacation. Khalish's first with only Daddy and Mommy. Update to be posted soon.

Now, Khalish and I need to sleep :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I underestimated the importance of sleep.

I did not get to nap as usual after Isya' as Khalish and I were in Melaka, visiting my brother's newborn. Back at home, at 1:30 a.m., I found myself seated on the bed, breastfeeding Khalish, without remembering when did I hear him cry, when did I wake up and sit properly, and when did I lift him onto my lap.

That was how tired I felt the day before, no thanks to my negligence. Indeed, I did not sleep when he slept during the day, albeit knowing that I would go out that evening. Then, I only took dinner at 9:00 p.m., instead of before Maghrib.

Today, I treat myself with a good massage.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My brother's son is due to arrive in this world today.
A colleague's child has crossed the bridge to the other world.

Syukur. Redha.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Khalish, two months and two days.

Buai laju, laju
Sampai cucur atap
Belum tumbuh gigi
Dah pandai baca kitab

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Double Happiness

Khalish, two months and two days old.

Born 3.0kg, 53cm.
Now 6.3kg, 58cm.

Monday, September 08, 2008


For me not to blog since last Wednesday is unforgivable because I had an adventurous Friday, Khalish had new antics, my sister-in-law had a false labour alarm, my mother turned a gorgeous 55 on Saturday and Kamal celebrated his 39th birthday with Khalish and I with a big breakfast sahur, and because life has been simply beautiful.

How was your week?

A person I know would say, "mine could have been better if there was a Nasi Kerabu stall at the Pasar Ramadhan, and a wife who loves food at a particular Japanese restaurant as much as those at Chili's."

Live life today.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Come Out and Play

Side A: Come Out

My First Adventure

Bask, Bask


Early Siesta


Other Adventures, Please

Side B: Play

Sleepiness strikes


Blobby Pose, Sloppy Nose.

Encore, Daddy.

43 Days

Simply Syok

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

R for Resilience


Is for those sleepless nights with a crabby baby.
Is for the weekdays that the husband is away at work, hence no extra hands for those sleepless nights.
Is for the question, "when will Khalish get another sibling?"