Monday, November 23, 2009

Picasa, Picasa

How do I understand redundancy?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ada Namun Kurang

Ada hajat untuk menulis, tetapi, kurang jodoh dengan Internet.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tertawan dengan Taiwan

Blogging from Taipei.

As usual, amidst the hectic schedule here, I managed to shoot a photo of a Khalish lookalike. Yes, I miss him. So does Kamal. Nevertheless, we know our return to Malaysia will be more meaningful for the three of us after such an awesome experience.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


More photos and words to describe the fantastic September. Until I return from Taiwan. At the moment, a birthday wish for these September SuperHomoSapiens:

My mother

Not to forget, a belated birthday wish for another Virgo, born in August, Mas. 

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

This and That, Again

Again, I am at a cheap yet chic hotel in Penang. Langkawi tomorrow. Singapore during the weekend.

Chic hotel, to me, should be:
+ Cheap, obviously.
+ Decent. Also defined as 'appeal less to officers of khalwat raids'. 
+ More importantly, equipped with free and speedy WiFi.

More to write. On Monday, hopefully. By the way, I really enjoyed the company of old and new chums the past two weeks. More of that, too, please.

Oh, I enjoyed driving while listening to music from my iPod, as well.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

First Things First

Merdeka, in my dictionary:

1. WiFi, speedy, at the comfort of my bed.
2. Kamal, and his unlimited massage service.
3. Khalish, rolling around and finally resting on my thighs. 
(A clear sign that I need to lose fat there, quick).
4. Healthy home-cooked food for iftar, an hour after Herbalife smoothie prepared by Kamal.
I am travelling again, starting today. Kamal, too. Until the next weekend. Kamal and I agreed with my parents' suggestion that Khalish and the maid stay with them until our Aidilfitri break. Less hassle when it comes to packing and re-packing. More time for us to strategise on our new affiliations. Travelling more means less exercises though as we will be confined in a vehicle most of the time. As much as we are disciplined about our food intake, we would love to do cardiovascular exercise first thing in the morning, before work. 

Have a great week, chums!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tauhu Bakar

Chums, if you happen to be in Bandar Baru Bangi and happen to crave for Tauhu Bakar while within the vicinity, do go to Hot Soup 'n' Bun. Direction, eh. I hail from Venus, so, I am not familiar with Earth. Yet. Google Map kan ada.

The thought passed my mind as I am sitting at a restaurant that offers free WiFi and healthy menu. Tauhu Bakar is a great alternative to grilled or steamed protein source and vegetable. The set at the aforementioned restaurant is:

+ crunchy outside, yet not too dry inside;
+ served with generous amount of shredded carrot and cucumber;
+ topped with thick, piquent sauce.

Juan commented on my Facebook post moons ago that Tauhu Bakar is best taken with Sotong Kangkung. Kamal and I tried the combination. Now, we recommend it to others, as well.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mine, Soon

I want these:

1. New WiFi modem.
2. Business capital.
3. Home gymnasium.
4. New wardrobe.
5. Kamal and Khalish, each time I reach home.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More of Khalish, as Always

Young businessman, enjoying yogurt, fed by Bibik. Heh.

"Yay" is his new favourite word.

Three-teeth toddler. Senang hati sampai bersilang kaki.

After merely two seconds with a Doraemon balloon bought by Wan at Pasar Tani Rembau, 
Khalish was already seen contemplating, "what's next?"

Super Herbalife Opportunity Meeting

Another believer in Herbalife, Mr. Jose Rizal, a former pilot of Garuda Indonesia, presented a talk on his fabulous journey in the nutrition products. Together with his wife, Merry Mercyanasari, they are now members of Millionaire Team.
Kamal and I enjoyed the meeting, as we were surrounded by positive, energetic people. How inspiring. Towards more health and wealth opportunities.

Little Trees

A Little Trees sub-distributor hired me to photograph Little Trees products for his profile. Here is a teaser. I look forward to more product photography assignments.
At the moment, Little Trees products are also available at almost all Mesra outlets, Petronas. My favourites are Strawberry, Green Apple, Mulberry Fig, and Mango. What are yours?

Joy in a Box

Itu Khalish, all sweaty from half day of games, games, games. Every thing around him is a toy at this phase. How he, at the moment, reminds me of Kenneth, a 30 Rock character, whose vision of life is always sunny, and, in an episode, Sesame-Streety. It is good for an adult to retain such outlook whenever a negativity strikes.
In my case, I found being alone at home without WiFi access a mad, mad situation. The photo above saved me from vulgar words. Until Kamal gets a new WiFi modem when he returns from his out station assignments next week, I will be seen at places with free WiFi access. It turns out to be the best excuse to stay away from the renovation noises. By the way, I love the look of the three new areas at home. 
Speaking about newness, a friend asked me about progress. The new site is still under refurbishment. Kamal and I hope to launch it early September. There is a lot of codings involved.  
So, if you visit Chech: Eccentric and only to find old updates, you know why. If the situation forces you to holler vulgarity, calmly breathe and look at the photo of a child enjoying the simplest item life proffers. Heh.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 12, 2009

Ayah is 55-year old,
Khalish is 13-month old.

Another year and another month wiser.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nenek in Rembau




The road trip from Perth to Port Hedland and back to Perth did not only bring closer an existing camaraderie between close friends, but also created a new friendship between the Malaysians and the Malay community in South Hedland. One of our new friends is Nenek Maznah. She is a single mother, who decided to remain in Australia with all her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren residing in Malaysia. Almost 70, she works as a cleaner for four hours a day, a newspaper vendor, and a curry puff & chicken wing supplier, despite earning sufficient pension as Australian aged permanent resident. A spirited persona, she is. 
She has been back in Malaysia from mid July. In fact, she is back as often as thrice a year, staying for as long as three months. My parents and another couple from Rembau visited her place in Mantin last week. During the weekend, my father fetched her from Kampung Gebok for a little gathering in Kampung Berkat. Even the rest of our close friends who were not in the road trip came to meet her, after being introduced to her personality from our stories. She charmed them like she charmed us. 
My mother, with my younger brother's help, prepared Ayam Percik, Keli Berlada, Ulam with Sambal Tempoyak, Tempe and Tauhu bercili, and, as requested by Nenek Maznah herself, Batang Keladi Rebus Assam. My maid found time between Khalish's napping hours to prepare Tapai Pulut.

Man contributed three gigantic mutton portions, barbecued to perfection by Rahsid and his team. Farid, meanwhile, was the earliest to arrive to prepare drinks and assist with the nitty gritty. The women begged Nenek Maznah for her signature curry puff recipe. She asked whether the ingredients were in my mother's kitchen. Reza immediately drove to the town, accompanied by Rahimah, to buy other ingredients that were not available in the kitchen. Those from Kelantan, Terengganu, and Pahang arrived just in time for hot curry puffs.
Kamal and I drove Nenek to Mantin after Asar. When everyone bade farewell, she cried. Thank you, Nenek, for sparing your time for us. How we wished you could stay back for congregational Maghrib prayer and zikr later, but we understood your responsibility to prepare traditional desserts for a family gathering. We hope to see you and the rest of South Hedland friends again, soon. Kembara Western Australia photo book, produced by Feelgoodfoto, as ole-ole for all of them there. 

Nenek Maznah

FSV Series of Talk: Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah




Towards a Mature Malaysian Democracy. An articulate talk by the Higher Education Deputy Minister. Unfortunately, 'articulate' is the only review available here because I was there as a photographer. Unofficial, yet the opportunity was deemed valuable, as with any photography opportunities.

My appreciation to the committee members who allowed my presence despite the talk being exclusive to Malay College Kuala Kangsar old boys and the association personnel. I may not be the person to discuss politics with you. Nevertheless, I am always interested to digest intelligible talk, and later, discussion. 

People Turnaround Program (P.E.T.A.)

I was privileged to attend People Turnaround Program (P.E.T.A.) as a participant and a photographer from July 28 to July 29, 2009. Thank you, Mr. Abdul Mutalib Ismail and wife, Mrs. Marlizaton Omar, for the precious experiences. First and foremost, I discovered more about the correlation of work and life in general and their reciprocal sustainability. Lifelong learning at its best. 
Secondly, and as foremost, I had my first taste of photographing a corporate event. Kamal had photographed Innobio for its official website last year. I look forward to photographing impeccable photos for the next corporate events, scheduled after Aidilfitri. 
Thirdly, and, yes, as foremost, I made new friends. With amiable, positive characters all around me, I am somehow a happier person. By the way, to Mas, thank you for being my ears when I was down with the most severe premenstrual syndrome that subsequently caused the most severe crisis between my loved ones and I.
All in all, say yes to P.E.T.A.

13 Months

Tomorrow marks Khalish's 13th month in C&C universe. Another vaccine due. More milestones, too. The photos above were of him being exactly 12 months old. Today, he has a prominent upper central incisor, with another one poking through the gum. The funny three-teeth toddler has been up to these as well:
He cruises and crawls on all fours still, having transformed from a bullet train to a Concorde aircraft. Last weekend, he stood without support for the first time in front of me. Twice. When I bragged about it to the rest of the family in Chez Chembong, he stared at me, like he did in photo number two, then continued to cruise along the furniture, and at times, using the stride-to-wagon toy, or crawl around the house like nothing significant had occurred in his life. Cheeky boy, he is. 
As he cruises along the furniture, he would try to climb the coffee table and sofa, or switch on or switch off the television. Next item to buy, under Khalish's account: home safety equipment set. Thankfully, he is wise enough to descend the stairs with the legs first, just like he does when reaching for the floor from the coffee table and sofa. He offers the caretakers great workout opportunities.  
The rigorous physical activities and reduced daytime nap mean an increase in food and beverage intake. His favourite meal is still the brown rice with potato, fish, as well as broccoli, carrot, or spinach combo. In between the main meals, he demands for a piece of fruit, with apple, banana, and pear topping his choices, followed by two pieces of rusk or a tub of yogurt. Then, he shows interest in adults' food and beverage as well. We do allow occasional ice cream or chocolate treats from the grandparents, uncles, or other adults. Never yet from our hands. The key word is moderation.  
He enjoys having snacks on his own seat. Kamal and I got him a mobile booster seat from Safety 1st for his first birthday. The reasonably priced Ikea white plastic high chair was sold out the last time we checked. It is tempting to get him a better high chair, like the ones that double up as mini study set later, but our priority is for a toddler car seat. Thanks to my second cousin, I now scour for second-hand items at I envision a nice high chair being on bargain. Another option is to buy Mothercare high chair, which was also sold out the last time we checked. 
Apart from having snacks on the booster seat, he enjoys watching Playhouse Disney from it and playing chef on its tray, too. Yes, I did mention playing chef. Recently, the uncle who works as a cook, passed his miniature professional cooking set to Khalish. Now, Khalish gladly offers the adults the dish that he has vigorously stirred in the pan, complete with a satisfied look when we utter "delicious!"

Khalish is indeed at a phase where he learns everyday's life through imitations. He insists on drinking directly from a cup. It does not matter if only three drops of water end up in his mouth while the rest wet his top. If the adults hand him an empty plastic cup, it will land on the floor. Yes, gravity still fascinates him. A sign of protest, too. Gullibility is nowhere in his book of life.

He shows great interest in toys that promote stacking, building, and sorting. Books that involve actions, like Peekaboo and Monkey See, Monkey Zoo are second in his list of favoured entertainment items. The least favoured are the flash cards. The entertainment basket needs more puzzles. 

For someone who does not favour vocabularies being directly introduced to him, he surely talks a lot. At least, with those close to him. Albeit in Khalish-speak. The adults find amusement in his replies as we converse with him. His sentences are accompanied with facial expressions, and, at the time he is most animated with the conversation, body gestures.

Right after bath every morning, afternoon, and evening, he signals for a walk to the goat barn. According to the maid who humors his request, as the next-door barn in Rembau is manned by fellow Indonesians, thus an opportunity for the maid to socialise with her fellow countrymen, the kids no longer charm him. He now demands to touch Boer goats. A friend suggests that my parents rear a goat just for Khalish. Put on a diaper on the goat for a hassle-free rearing. Oh, he was half serious.

Khalish really loves animals that he does not mind sharing a ball with Cumi the kitten. That vibrant plastic ball he is kicking in the photo below, yes. A present from the maternal grandmother for Khalish and Cumi, bought at the same local grocery store where my father got Khalish his first water pistol. 

He sleeps throughout the night now. However, he prefers to sleep in a rather cold temperature, with the maximum temperature being 27 degree Celcius. This boy sweats easily. Kamal and I are training him to be more adventurous by bringing him to family gatherings where air conditioners are nonexistent.  Such gatherings provide chances for him to interact with other children, too. 

About gathering, the following incident horrified, and later, tickled me:
During a family gathering last weekend, I let the maid take care of Khalish when I bathed. After fifteen minutes, I checked on them and I found Khalish being fed bread dipped in Milo by his aunt who was simultaneously feeding her son then. He would return to the aunt for another bite as soon as he swallowed the piece that he had been munching while playing. The incident horrified me because Khalish might have disturbed the other boy's meal time. I apologised to A and asked the maid's help to get Khalish his snack instead. Nevertheless, A explained that the maid had intended to do so, but was asked otherwise by A herself because it was good for her son to see that Khalish enjoyed the food as well. How we hope Khalish does not mind sharing his toys with other children, too, like he shares the ball with his pet. 

A note: we switched back to Enfapro A+ after trying Enfagrow for two weeks just because the preparation calculation is easier. 

More about Khalish later. 

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Inspiration, Where Art Thou?

The week is for writing. Unfortunately, for another blog, which is still under refurbishment. As for Chech: Eccentric, my mind is full with ideas, but lacks the words.

Blogger's block, it is. Of which I am keen to unblock. Khalish, help me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Tough Gets Going

The Adventure of Khalish in Atuk Ali's old Jimny Jeep.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Good morning, universe.

As my latest Facebook status goes:

Noraishah Mohamad Ali Kamil was merely thinking yesterday of waking up at 6:00 a.m. today. She forgot to consciously set her mind for it before bedtime as she usually does, yet she found herself waking up at 6:00 a.m. on the dot this morning. Now, she knows she will achieve her vision, as long as she sets her mind to it. So will you.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He, One






.: Measles, Mumps, and Rubella immunisation at An-Nur Pediatric Clinic :.
.: Lunch at the Outback Steakhouse, Bangsar Village :.
.: Fun at Kizsports and Gym, Bangsar Village :.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Double Happiness

When Khalish turned one at 3:38 p.m. on July 12, 2009, Kamal was away from home for work. We decided to have a celebration for him with an outing and a meal in Chembong later during the week. So, Kizsports & Gym on Wednesday and a birthday tea yesterday, which happened to be my birthday as well. 
The photos of Khalish at the gym will be posted soon. For now, it is all about the weekend. How Kamal highlighted that Khalish is so similar to me in innumerable ways. How the three of us just lounged around Chez Chembong on that relaxing Sunday, being pampered by the parents. How we enjoyed the company of our loved ones and wished for more people to be able to feel such love. Yes, the weekend was simple and lovely. Happy birthday to both of us.

Truthfully, Kamal and I were flat from the hectic weekday. Somehow, we subconsciously took turns to rest and play with Khalish. Kamal took a power nap before lunch while I joined Khalish in the dreamland right after Isya'. My younger brothers were occupied with spring cleaning the whole morning and afternoon that our parents were in Seremban to visit our uncle and aunt, who had just arrived from Mecca. The only time left for the cheese cake which everybody requested was at tea time.
Thank you, Mak, for the special dishes, despite being tired from the makeover for your brother's room. Even Kamal who dislikes Kway Teow devoured a plateful. I, meanwhile, has been saving Sunday, sometimes, Saturday, as eat fancy day. So, a plateful for me, too. 
Before stuffing ourselves silly, we sang a birthday song for Khalish. He wore a clueless expression on his face throughout the rendition that Kamal and I were thankful we did not hold a bigger celebration for him earlier on. Heh. He appeared excited though when I held him closer to the cake to blow the candles. Little did we know that he seemed so because he would like to dip a finger into the rich cheese cream.

The cake must have enticed him immensely because he tried hard to reach for the first plate my mother handed to Cajib. So hard, the plate flew across the table and broke. Following the incident, everybody ensured that the birthday boy was promptly fed. At first, his Atuk humoured him. However, he hogged half of Atuk Ali's piece of cake that the latter had to send help signals to the uncles. Cilan dropped his spoon as Khalish tried to grab it from him. By the time Khalish and I reached the third uncle, my hands were already trembling from holding a well-fed toddler. Cimi saw that and fed me instead.
Was he furious by Pak Teh's act. He frowned and asked for more. It was Wan's turn to feed him then. She did not have a spoon, but could not get any as Khalish was already begging for another bite at the top of his lungs. Frowns and all. The moment the cheese melted in his mouth, a satisfied laughter, tongue out, replaced the bellow. Cheeky. Just like the mommy, according to the daddy. 

Last year, on July 19, Kamal was tightly tied to work that he had to pass the responsibility of fetching Khalish and I from Hospital Tampin, where Khalish was warded for jaundice once back from Hospital Pakar An-Nur, to my mother and younger brother. When he finally reached Rembau that day, he displayed a birthday card on my dressing table. The card was also signed by Khalish. How thoughtful of Kamal. 
This year, he was again busy with work. However, he managed to slip away from my sight while we were in Rembau, just to get me a birthday card. Back in our room, I caught him searching for a pen and handed him mine. I knew he knew that I knew of the card. What I did not know was the fact that he listened to a new song composed by our friend and his group, Bintang Batu, over and over again, just to copy the lyrics onto a paper before writing them nicely in the card. 
Thank you, Kamal. I also love this year's present. The right time to become a member at a better gym. Particularly, after that cheese cake. You know that I love you most.
Oh, Thank YOU for the wishes through calls, text messages, and Facebook as well as Friendster messages. They made my day.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

To Do Today

1. Room groom
2. Car spa
3. Photobook final phase

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Playful Toddler

Obstacle turned peekaboo game.

A domesticated Cancer giving bibik a hand with the laundered clothes.

Chilling with Paksu and a fake Oreo, which was actually mommy's lens cap.

Khalish loves animals. Seen here with Cumi.

Khalish, Cumi, and a stuffed cow that used to be mine.

Khalish is One

"And, in the end, it is not the years in your life that count.
It is the life in your years."
Abraham Lincoln

Khalish, happy first birthday. 
Daddy and mommy always pray for the best in your life.
For now and the years to come.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

11 Months

One day left before Khalish turns from an infant to a toddler.
Of him being an 11-month-old:
  • Now, he has two lower central incisors, with the upper central incisors poking through the gum. The adults in the house usually give him either a slice of apple or a teething rusk to soothe the swollen gum. However, he prefers to bite the adults' flesh, particularly the maternal grandmother's. 
  • Because of the addition of teeth, I have advised my mother, who temporarily cares for Khalish and cook for him while the house in Bandar Baru Bangi is being renovated, to increase the coarseness of Khalish's puree. He loves brown rice. I fervently hope he loves it still as he grows up although the daddy detests it.
  • He still rolls his tongue a lot. Due to such oral exercise, he babbles a lot. Yes.
  • He sings tunes, too. One of them is that tune most babies sing when they are about to sleep. "A a a aaaaa" repeated ten times or so until they are in the dreamland. Khalish has composed other tunes as well. Nothing that resembled Mozart's genius, but the tunes could be very entertaining. He is most inspired whenever I sing nursery rhymes complete with actions. His favourites are Itsy Bitsy Spider and Humpty Dumpty.
  • As mentioned in a previous post, the first thing he does upon waking up early in the morning is to reach for his maternal grandfather's tasbih and imitate Atuk's spirited manner of zikr chanting. Kamal and I pray that he is surrounded with goodness during this imitation phase. Amin.
  • He is also at the phase where advertisements on television could stop anything he does. Azan has similar effect, too. If he fights sleep, the adults knowingly play lullabies or simply any tunes from a mobile phone. He will be asleep soon after. 
  • He has been napping less nowadays, particularly when there are children around him. Last weekend, during a lunch gathering at my parents' place, he was so excited about having playmates that he did not nap at all during the day. Yay, that resulted in an early bedtime.
  • About play time, he loves a particular soft ball, that produces sounds when it bounces or touches a surface, the most. It was bought the moment he rolled over. He crawls around the house while pushing the ball, and at times, he pushes it towards the adults for the latter to push it back to him. Apparently, as reported by, he is now at the phase where gravity fascinates him, too. If he happens to be at a high surface with a toy in his hand, for he always has a toy in his hand, he will drop that toy to the ground and waits for an adult to pick it up for him. Complete with a hopeful countenance. 
  • Second in Khalish's favourite toys list is a rumbling truck. Boys will be boys, eh. Third is a stacking toy. Whenever I guide his hand to put the rings through the pole, he cheekily throws them away from the pole and laughs heartily once the rings missed the pole. Nonetheless, he loves it as well if I guide his hands for an applause once a ring goes through the pole.
  • Oh, he treats every thing like a game. Meal time must be accompanied with a ball. Let's not start on the bathing and changing routines. There must be toys everywhere. In fact, he treats the furniture as toys, thus a game or two, too. A coffee table, to him, is a tunnel. He cruises while holding on to one sofa after another, and he lets go a hand, and at times, two, as he cruises. For our entertainment. 
  • He must be thinking that he is a bullet train because he has been crawling like one. No, no walking yet although the signs are obvious. He attempts to stand up while crawling, aside from the aforementioned fact that he lets go a hand or both while cruising. The cutest sign of all is his love for this particular pair of new sandals. Nothing fancy. Just ones from Bubblegummers that squeak as they touch a ground, to my horror. I loathe such shoes, sorry. Kamal and I will get him better pairs of essential shoes and sandals once he can properly walk. 
  • He has mastered the stairs though. The adults let him ascend the stairs to the top as we enjoy the satisfaction on his face as he reaches the peak. Actually, we are also in dire need of the exercise.
  • Another exercise Khalish provides us is a morning and an evening walk daily. Right after he has been bathed, he demands to go out for a stroll. If we playfully ignores his cries, he will crawl to the door and bang it. We also playfully go inside the house after a few steps outside, pretending that we have left something. How he protests the moment we walk back.
  • He crawls towards the kitchen if he wants another slice of apple or one more piece of rusk. Independent, yes. Nonetheless, the parents believe that food has been the biggest motivation for such act. Alhamdulillah, he enjoys each meal time.
  • Now that he temporarily stays in Rembau, there are plenty of animals around him. Stray cats. Birds in the backyard garden. His favourite being my the neighbour's chickens and goats. My, he laughs like a goat now. One day, I let him touch a chick. He used to avoid such contact with the animals a month ago. Now, to my surprise, he looks forward to touching them. Once Kamal completes his urgent work, we will bring him to the zoo as a birthday treat. That will be materialised on one fine weekday.
  • His love for the Monkey See Monkey Zoo book, among other cloth books in his collection, is another evidence of his love for animals. He likes the hippopotamus the most. Every time I read the book to him, he looks forward to yawn like the hippopotamus. 
  • Last week, he tasted lollipop for the first time. It was a treat from a dinner and breakfast host. I let him hold the lollipop only after I had fastened a plastic bib on him, and boy, he was so happy that he amused everybody in the living hall. Once-in-a-blue-moon indulgence is fine. 
  • He has a new set of clothing that I suspect will shrink very soon. After all, he is turning one tomorrow. How time is irrelevant. 
More photos of him as an 11-month-old: