Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tauhu Bakar

Chums, if you happen to be in Bandar Baru Bangi and happen to crave for Tauhu Bakar while within the vicinity, do go to Hot Soup 'n' Bun. Direction, eh. I hail from Venus, so, I am not familiar with Earth. Yet. Google Map kan ada.

The thought passed my mind as I am sitting at a restaurant that offers free WiFi and healthy menu. Tauhu Bakar is a great alternative to grilled or steamed protein source and vegetable. The set at the aforementioned restaurant is:

+ crunchy outside, yet not too dry inside;
+ served with generous amount of shredded carrot and cucumber;
+ topped with thick, piquent sauce.

Juan commented on my Facebook post moons ago that Tauhu Bakar is best taken with Sotong Kangkung. Kamal and I tried the combination. Now, we recommend it to others, as well.


  1. kalau dtg jb, ring me. i'll bring you tauhu bakar yg sedaaaaaaaaaap. hahahha kalau ramadhan ni dtg jb, i'll show you the best popiah basah & murtabak in town (bulan puasa je la).. la la la la la.. sedapnya~

  2. i hate it when you write about food. sebab you make me kecur. adalah lebih tidak bagus baca di bulan ramadan, hari siang. i hate you ;)

    how come you never asked me over to that place when i come?

  3. nanti when we jalan raya in bangi during syawal nanti this is a must-try! eh have u tried tauhu bakar at JM Bariyani? there's one outlet at Giant kota dsara but i'm not sure if they have other outlets. its delish! (notice how delish rhymes with khalish...?! heheh. u've got a delish son then. ya Allah i am so lame..) the only downside is that that place is a li'l expensive lah.

  4. dear chech.. agree with k-lynn.. i hate you for writing this:

    - crunchy outside, yet not too dry inside;
    - served with generous amount of shredded carrot and cucumber;
    - topped with thick, piquent sauce.

    ..oh i hate you chech..

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  6. Tuty, hopefully, it is not too late to wish you congratulations on Aidan's arrival. Nampak gayanya, melepaslah popia basah, murtabak, dan tauhu bakar terhebat di JB. Yalah, siapa lagi boleh jadi Tour Guides kami? :).

    K-lynn, I hate myself for writing that piece, too. Heheh. Next time you're in Bangi (after Aidilfitri), I'll definitely bring you there. Laksa pun boleh tahan.

    BabyBooned, tauhu bakar at JM Bariyani pun sodap! Tapi, tapi, yang di Hot Soup 'n' Bun Bandar Baru Bangi ni, laaagi sedap. Ikut my seleralah ;p.

    Khalish is delish, yeah :D. I like rhymed words, as well.

    Some of the f&b items at JM Bariyani could be expensive, kan. Cuma, kalau sedap, I wouldn't mind the price.

    Medcham, oh no, please don't hate me (and I owe you and K-lynn a tag)!

    Lizhen, thank you for sharing the site with us :). I'll submit a photo or two when I have the time to do so.