Tuesday, September 01, 2009

First Things First

Merdeka, in my dictionary:

1. WiFi, speedy, at the comfort of my bed.
2. Kamal, and his unlimited massage service.
3. Khalish, rolling around and finally resting on my thighs. 
(A clear sign that I need to lose fat there, quick).
4. Healthy home-cooked food for iftar, an hour after Herbalife smoothie prepared by Kamal.
I am travelling again, starting today. Kamal, too. Until the next weekend. Kamal and I agreed with my parents' suggestion that Khalish and the maid stay with them until our Aidilfitri break. Less hassle when it comes to packing and re-packing. More time for us to strategise on our new affiliations. Travelling more means less exercises though as we will be confined in a vehicle most of the time. As much as we are disciplined about our food intake, we would love to do cardiovascular exercise first thing in the morning, before work. 

Have a great week, chums!

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