Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Joy in a Box

Itu Khalish, all sweaty from half day of games, games, games. Every thing around him is a toy at this phase. How he, at the moment, reminds me of Kenneth, a 30 Rock character, whose vision of life is always sunny, and, in an episode, Sesame-Streety. It is good for an adult to retain such outlook whenever a negativity strikes.
In my case, I found being alone at home without WiFi access a mad, mad situation. The photo above saved me from vulgar words. Until Kamal gets a new WiFi modem when he returns from his out station assignments next week, I will be seen at places with free WiFi access. It turns out to be the best excuse to stay away from the renovation noises. By the way, I love the look of the three new areas at home. 
Speaking about newness, a friend asked me about feelgoodfoto.com progress. The new site is still under refurbishment. Kamal and I hope to launch it early September. There is a lot of codings involved.  
So, if you visit Chech: Eccentric and feelgoodfoto.com only to find old updates, you know why. If the situation forces you to holler vulgarity, calmly breathe and look at the photo of a child enjoying the simplest item life proffers. Heh.

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