Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More of Khalish, as Always

Young businessman, enjoying yogurt, fed by Bibik. Heh.

"Yay" is his new favourite word.

Three-teeth toddler. Senang hati sampai bersilang kaki.

After merely two seconds with a Doraemon balloon bought by Wan at Pasar Tani Rembau, 
Khalish was already seen contemplating, "what's next?"


  1. Comel! Missing you, Khalish!

  2. ohhh how i miss that cute-toddler stage where everything they do still look and seem irresistably cute. even muka fed-up dgn baloon doraemon pun nampak super-cute to me.

    more of khalish please!!

    p/s: i too would go mad without wifi.

  3. Hon, I look forward to staying at home with you and Khalish. Soon, yay!

    BabyBooned, baby-toddlers and their still chubby cheeks. I am enjoying this stage, too. More of Khalish when I get back next week ;). Right now, I'm catching up with Ban's cheekiness!