Tuesday, August 11, 2009

People Turnaround Program (P.E.T.A.)

I was privileged to attend People Turnaround Program (P.E.T.A.) as a participant and a photographer from July 28 to July 29, 2009. Thank you, Mr. Abdul Mutalib Ismail and wife, Mrs. Marlizaton Omar, for the precious experiences. First and foremost, I discovered more about the correlation of work and life in general and their reciprocal sustainability. Lifelong learning at its best. 
Secondly, and as foremost, I had my first taste of photographing a corporate event. Kamal had photographed Innobio for its official website last year. I look forward to photographing impeccable photos for the next corporate events, scheduled after Aidilfitri. 
Thirdly, and, yes, as foremost, I made new friends. With amiable, positive characters all around me, I am somehow a happier person. By the way, to Mas, thank you for being my ears when I was down with the most severe premenstrual syndrome that subsequently caused the most severe crisis between my loved ones and I.
All in all, say yes to P.E.T.A.


  1. Salam -

    Dear, prog apa nie?mind to share?

  2. Nor,

    Thank you for dropping by my blog :).

    About P.E.T.A., it is a life-long learning approach to turn people into enthusiastic beings; for work and for life generally. I love the spiritual aspects. I'll reply in details (in your comment box/e-mail) once I have more time online, ye.