Wednesday, September 02, 2009

This and That, Again

Again, I am at a cheap yet chic hotel in Penang. Langkawi tomorrow. Singapore during the weekend.

Chic hotel, to me, should be:
+ Cheap, obviously.
+ Decent. Also defined as 'appeal less to officers of khalwat raids'. 
+ More importantly, equipped with free and speedy WiFi.

More to write. On Monday, hopefully. By the way, I really enjoyed the company of old and new chums the past two weeks. More of that, too, please.

Oh, I enjoyed driving while listening to music from my iPod, as well.


  1. sis.. i beg to differ..

    dengar music masa drive be it IPod or other devices that requires you to plug an earphone.. is not really a good practice. boleh sebabkan ko tak dengar incoming sounds dari other vehicles like screeching, honks dan lelain. dalam erti kata lain, kurangkan your alert masa memandu.

    just my 2 cents :)

  2. Medcham, it's true. That's why I only listen to the iPod in my husband's car, which is equipped with a device that plays iPod like a cd player plays, well, cd :D.

    My next vehicle, perlu ada such device ;).

    Masa jogging outdoor pun, aku hanya akan dengar iPod kalau ada partner yang tak sama-sama sumbat telinga.

  3. "Decent. Also defined as 'appeal less to officer(s) of khalwat operation(s)"

    That can be a bit misleading....what do u intend to do anyways?


  4. ~Am, heheh. I had an experience staying at a cheap hotel in Kedah that was raided by Jabatan Agama officers the day before -and there was a couple caught berkhalwat. Such incidents usually happened at dodgy hotels. No more for me, please :p.