Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The First Mile

Herbalife Singapore, Orchard Road
It was a Ramadhan 2009 weekend. Kamal and I accepted our business coaches' invitation to attend Mega Herbalife Opportunity Meeting (HOM) all the way across Tambak Johor. Bakar and Liza spent a sleepless night in Bandar Baru Bangi, entertaining our business plans. A sahur of Herbalife shake and Lift Off drink later, the four of us carpooled to Singapore. First destination: Herbalife office.
There, along with other Malaysian Independent Distributors, we were briefed on Herbalife in Singapore. Kamal and I noted the products, which were not available in Malaysia then, that we would love to get. Particularly Herbalifeline and Niteworks, developed by Herbalife in collaboration with 1998 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Lou Ignarro PhD, who has dedicated his research on the life enhancing properties of Nitric Oxide).
In between the visit to the office and the Mega HOM, Bakar, Liza, Kamal, and I walked within Orchard Road vicinity. It was a pleasant walk. For numerous reasons.
The women honed their visualisation skills with vivid images. That time around, we visualised Fendi purses. Fun. More fun awaited us at the Mega HOM venue as we were introduced to more successful Herbalife Independent Distributors from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and South Africa.
A note: Before the event, Bakar handed Kamal a black Herbalife t-shirt because the shirt the latter was wearing was too loose on him. We then realised the need for a new wardrobe, of new size. Most fun.
The guest speaker was Mr. Francis Tay, then President's Team Member. Yang Berbahagia Dato' Dr. Ronie Tan, Vice President and Managing Director (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippines), presented the business section. Impeccable presentations.
Dato' Ronie, as he is fondly known among the distributors, spoke to the Malaysian delegation after the event. When he saw Kamal and I, he smiled and said, "Hello! You must be new with us. I have never seen you before." Yes, he is very amiable.
The event further opened our eyes and hearts to the potential in Herbalife, whether as health and weight management products or as business opportunity. I, in particular, thought that I did not have any capability as a businesswoman. Nevertheless, I realised how the company's mission is parallel with my life mission: health.
The next day, Kamal and I attended a Health and Weight Management Support System organised by fellow Herbalife Independent Distributors at level 14, Berjaya Times Square Hotel and Convention Center. There, I was inspired by Nazarudin Lokman, who had by then lost 50 kilograms with Herbalife. Not to forget were others who went on stage before Naza to share their respective successful weight gain, weight loss or health management programs, of course with Herbalife. Kamal and I thought, "if they can, why can't us?"

Similar programme will be held this Sunday, April 4, 2010, also at level 14, Berjaya Times Square Hotel and Conventional Center, at 10:00 a.m. We would love you to be there with us, so call either Kamal (017-333 1710) or I (012-371 9629) for further details :).

My first HOM.
How I loved the sharing by Jose Rizal, a retired pilot from Indonesia.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Health is Wealth

Regret, Kamal and I have one and it must be mentioned so others who cross similar junction will choose the best path that we eventually chose: if only we shared our experience with Herbalife earlier. Nevertheless, it is never too late to do so. "To distribute health and prosperity" as aptly said by Paco Perez, who has been consuming Herbalife for 30 years, alongside the company's founder and first distributor, Mark Hughes.
Our story:
Before Herbalife, Kamal and I were married for three years without any child, diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Being optimistic, we tried one treatment after another, traditional and modern. The last was Clomid for the maximum six cycles, during which I gained weight. Then, my gynaecologist prepared Kamal and I for the next course of infertility treatment, intrauterine insemination. For the treatment to be highly effective, I was advised to watch my diet. I did a research on the safest diet and found Herbalife. Only after one and a half months with Herbalife, I conceived, Thanks to Herbalife cellular nutrition.
Too bad I was too occupied with work that I did not manage to further communicate with my wellness coach then, Sazarina Mohd. Sapian, or else I would have known how Herbalife is also safe for expecting mother. In fact, Herbalife smoothie is simply a nutritious food that has been granted Food and Drug Administration's Labeling Law and Mega Dosage Law. I indeed started healthy diet programme with Herbalife again after the confinement period, while exclusively breastfeeding my son. Even after weaning Khalish off my milk on the seventh month due to out-station tasks, I continued feeding him Formula One. Now, he is on Similac Isomil Advance Soy Formula and the recommended portion of Formula 1. No more severe eczema for him.
Initially, Kamal and I only consumed the smoothies for breakfast. Zarina and her husband, Daniel, came to our place monthly to weigh and measure us. The results were encouraging. As we have always loved the sumptuous, varied smoothies, and of course, the positive effects on us, we decided to become supervisors which entitled us to 50 percent discount even if we only buy one product the next month.
Consequently, we replaced our usual unhealthy breakfasts which were conveniently found at our respective office cafeterias with the more convenient smoothies until our wellness coaches invited us to Herbalife Customer Day. There, we witnessed how many lost up to 50 kilograms. Back from the event, we were inspired to replace our lunch or dinner with the smoothies, too, to lose more body fat and gain more muscle percentage. It was September 2009.
Five months after being discipline about the healthier diet, Kamal no longer suffered from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), which could cause Cancer when prolonged, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. He also found smoking distasteful, thus the decision to quit. All those result in a better stamina. As for me, my skin is now 90 percent clear of the eczema patches. The best of all, within the five aforementioned months, Kamal lost 17 kilograms and I, 16 kilograms!
Others noticed our positive changes and asked for the secret. With more positive results among our respective families and friends who respectively lost or gained significant amount of weight, and improved their health, Kamal and I decided to seriously venture into Herbalife business opportunities, distributing health and prosperity. The fun, simple, and magical way.
*After considerations, photography remains a hobby to Kamal and I, not a business.

Old, with Newness

Yes, I am back. For the umpteenth time. With the optimism to be consistent about being consistent.

Yes, redundancy no more with Picasa. However, not before it teased me with the incapability of importing images from iPhoto the way I wanted it to. More than a month since my last promise to be consistent about being consistent.

I am still the Eccentric Chech though. Albeit with a newness. A reminder though. This particular blog peculiarly serves me as a memento of my life, hence the meticulous documentation. With this reminder, I do not bear responsibility for any damages. Yes, I am back. Heh.