Friday, March 26, 2010

Old, with Newness

Yes, I am back. For the umpteenth time. With the optimism to be consistent about being consistent.

Yes, redundancy no more with Picasa. However, not before it teased me with the incapability of importing images from iPhoto the way I wanted it to. More than a month since my last promise to be consistent about being consistent.

I am still the Eccentric Chech though. Albeit with a newness. A reminder though. This particular blog peculiarly serves me as a memento of my life, hence the meticulous documentation. With this reminder, I do not bear responsibility for any damages. Yes, I am back. Heh.


  1. Hi Ibu Hadi! Senyum sumbing kau ya bila 'Tora datang lagi' (ingat tak iklan tu -masa kita besar sikit je daripada Khalish & Hadi?).

    Jemput jengah selalu :D.