Thursday, December 30, 2010

From Primary School to University

December 29, 2010. Three days before 2011. Less, actually.

A perfect time for reminiscence. At least, to me, the blogger who claims to document her significant moments here, yet, were doing so scarcely. My repentance is in the form of reminiscence, yes.

Ones of the things I treasure along the year are the times I spent with chums. From primary school to university. Therefore, presenting photos of my chums and I that never made it here because of my procrastination, and at times, slow Internet:

Primary school chum

Khalish seemed to be amused with our expressions while conversing with each other. 
Zarul. Of Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar Tun Razak (2) days. Similar classes and similar interests at school. I vividly remember our participation in a sayembara deklamasi puisi which was eventually won by Ungku Intan Sarafina, now a songster. Similar chirpiness, too, as obviously shown in the photo above.

We eventually met again, thanks to the invitation to his family's open house during the recent Aidilfitri. If I could be there later, which I could not because of other events in the late afternoon, I could have met other primary school chums as well. How I would love to catch up with them, over a long meal, one fine day.

Zarul, once I find a reliable nanny for my son, I would love to photograph your talent and skill in the kitchen. Again, thank you for the invitation to the open house. It was nice to feel the familiarity of Bandar Tun Razak.

High School Chums

The asian sea bass was a hit. So were the sea coconut drink and iced chocolate. Not to mention our latest updates.
The only photos of the Seri Puteri chums that I did not post here. It must be the slow Internet. The dinner started with a text massage by Nana. Fathin had moved to the vicinity of Bandar Baru Bangi, Seri Serdang, and Seri Kembangan, and those who have been there longer would like to welcome her.

Fathin happened to move to the place Kamal and I stayed at while waiting for our current house to be completed. So, I volunteered to fetch her. Oh, I loved the conversation in the car.

I was entering a new phase then. Husband's new career and our major decisions. Was I relieved to have those listening ears and their simply fun vibes. The dinner at Village View must be re-lived, chums. A new restaurant?

University Chums

When I went to Zarul's open house, I crossed my fingers that I would meet other primary school chums although I knew it was too early. Surprise, surprise, I did meet one chum. Not from the primary school years, but from university years. Hello, senior coursemate.

Khalish threw a tantrum because he wanted to be in the car pronto. At least, his antics induced much laughter.  Ha ha!
A confession: another coursemate, whom I was close to, speculated that the tomboy Chech had a crush on that particular senior. My fault. I was a fan of his proficiency in the languages he decided to master. Then, there was his persona when he spoke. The knowledge, too. Farizal, I am still your big fan. Never a crush though. Heh.

Then, there are multiple series of photos with the university circle, of course. Multiple series, you read that right. You were warned about the insanely innumerable photos I was going to post here, weren't you? These photos are dear to me, as well as the beautiful moments.

Series 1: Madir, Mas, and Mirza in Bandar Baru Bangi

They were nearby my place, and, there and then, they decided to drop by. How I welcomed that. My only concern was the lack of food and beverage to serve to my dear, dear chums from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia days. Mas, my coursemate, my housemate, and at times, my roommate as I crashed her room, and Madir, the witty senior at Kelab Kaunseling & Kerjaya. The three of us ended up feasting on fish chips from Kelantan.

Tolong jangan serik datang lagi, ya.
Khalish was excited about Mirza's visit, but, because of minimal experience with peers his age, he only offered his toy to a new friend from afar.

Mirza, meanwhile, was one cool baby. 
Smiles and coos, a lot of them.
Oh, those cheeks. I love the eyes and the chin, too. Oh, I love him wholly.
A pose first, then, a cry for Aunty Chech to stop being an auntyrazzi. 
Khalish, still shy, and Mirza, always amused.
Madir & Mirza.

Series 2: Alariece in Kuala Lumpur

I was very confident that I would be free to join another coursemate from Sarawak, Alariece, for one day in Kuala Lumpur that I made a promising statement in Facebook. Only to break it a day before the set date. How sad I was to hear her frustrated voice over the telephone as I mentioned a work commitment with my husband. I did miss Alariece. The sadness must have been all over my face afterwards that Kamal decided to cancel my participation in that particular appointment.

Eventually, Alariece and I met. We chatted and laughed and chatted and laughed over lunch, for me, and cocktail, for her, at The Apartment. We walked around Suria KLCC afterwards for a fun photo shoot. Let us do such outing again in Sarawak one fine day.

It was 3:00 p.m.
After-lunch cocktail for Alariece.
A late lunch for me who had just finished training session at the gym then.
Alariece befriended a waiter from Senegal, who was also a student at a local university.
My chum has always been amiable.
Scorching hot.
Both the weather and the model.
Spontaneous photo shoot around Suria KLCC.
We were a rock-and-roll duo, definitely.

Series 3: Outings and House Visits

It started with the birth of Zura's bundle of joy. Then, an Aidilfitri open house and birthday
do at Tiqa's place. It was followed by a lunch session at Zura's place two weeks later. The children surely had as much fun as their respective mothers and the aunts.

Let me begin with The TESLirious and Ellery Zulaykha story, and continue with the other series in new posts, because there was Khalish as special feature. Oh, I exaggerated. The other series need to be featured in new posts because I am sure you are tired of scrolling for the photos by now. Heh.

Di, Mas, Madir, Mirza, Tiqa, Inas, and I decided to visit the newest addition to our family together. First, lunch and gift-hunt in Suria KLCC. Followed by Zura's parents' place, where Zura spent her confinement period.

Us, at California Pizza Kitchen, Suria KLCC.
At Zura's parents' place.
Zura's mom charmed all the babies there with her voice and smiles. She did charm us, too, with her hospitality.
Thank you for having us.
Chatterboxes and curious babies blend well, surprise, surprise.
Sorry, Ellery.
The aunts were extremely cheeky. 
Mas charmed Ellery, too.
Also admiring was Mirza. Cute.
The babies also love being in Di's arms.
Look at Inas and Mirza, trying to sabotage Ellery's rest, just like we did. Oh, no!
And, look at the adults, simply blissed in each other's presence.
Welcome to the world, Ellery. Welcome to motherhood, Zura.
This is one extremely long journey of the photos I meant to publish and the stories behind them. I treasure each one of the details, never the less. I look forward to a more meaningful 2011. Before that, more photos and stories in the upcoming posts.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Soon, I will post innumerable photos at Chech: Eccentric. Insanely innumerable. Do not say you were not warned. Heh.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Congratulations, Nini!

At the time I am posting this piece, my high school chum who also went to the same university later, must be occupied with the last preparation for the solemnisation ceremony, to be held within two hours. Congratulations, Nini!

I wish I could be at Sungai Buloh earlier. Too bad I need to attend to other commitments in the morning. So, here am I, cherishing photos during your bridal shower. A simple potluck do, as always, because that is how we are, full of laughter:

The sinful, sumptuous cake from blissfulsweetness oven.  Recipe from Tuty.

Us, at tea time. Eventually, the cake.
This was followed by more merriment as we reminisced the never-reminisced memories back at school.

Lat, the previous pengantin baru, and, Ainul & Khalis, the gracious hosts.

The food, always glorious food. Most memorable menu: Ayam Pandai.



See you this afternoon, Nini!
See you, too, chums!

*Happy 34th anniversary, Ayah & Mak! 

Friday, December 24, 2010


A book reached the mailbox two days ago. It offers better perspective of the existing scene, literally. Thank you, Tok Ayah, for the enlightenment. Thank you, Ayah Soh, for the advices. Thank you, Kamal, for the knowledge.

Towards more meaningful existence in this life.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Simple Pleasures II

Go light and easy now, and be happier tomorrow by:

+ being awake before Kamal and Khalish;
+ enjoying the house chores as they are good exercise routines;
+ preparing sumptuous breakfast smoothie for the three of us; and
+ appreciating Khalish's presence at home before he attends play school and I return to class.

To be honest, I was a case of manic panic today. A blizzard.
Totally under the weather. A waste.
Ah, at least, I did not succumb to comfort food.

Yes, I am better, thank you. Particularly you, Kamal. :)


Last week, I successfully underwent a healthy diet challenge that consisted of food and beverages with no salt, no oil, no white sugar, and no simple carbohydrates. It was merely for four days, compared to Kamal's seven days. A good start, nevertheless, considering that I was stressed over life choices. Whenever I was stressful, I sought for comfort in lots of chocolate. Not for those four days. Oh, I also found time to do cardio exercises.

I felt good. I was out of clothes for a long stay in Rembau that I resorted to digging my pre-wedding wardrobe. Alhamdulillah, one old yet seemingly new shirt discovered, and it fit me perfectly. It was only two weeks ago that I tried it, with frustration afterwards when I looked at the result in the mirror. Next mission: pre-wedding pants. When that is a success, the following mission is definitely a totally new wardrobe. 

I did not take good care of my diet since Aidilfitri, citing the previously blogged dark period. That one week was the peak of the whole iceberg. Sure, there have been lost pieces of my-true-self here and there, but, I am picking them up with Kamal and my parents' help. I re-write about the dark period here because I would like to remember the excess kilograms and fat percentage that I was determined to shed, to no avail. 

Thank God for my decision to put Khalish in the grandparents' care for one evening to listen to a health talk by Dr. Louis Ignarro, Nobel Laureate in Medicine (1998). Now, the word 'challenge' is getting easier and easier to my ears. Almost natural by the second week. I pray that this change will be for a lifetime. Of course, one indulgence day a week is also healthy. 

Ah, life is great, great, great. Being aware of my physical needs is a way of appreciating life. About that, Kamal is undergoing a spiritual health challenge. His day two today. No hatred, anger, worry, and ego. Lots and lots of love, gratitude, prayers, zikr, and reflections. I think this is the best way to face certain difficult phases in life. As shared often by Ayah Soh, too. God, I pray for more awareness. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Reality

Oh, no. Despite my posts that often featured my son in hysterical manner, the usual Khalish is not always crabby. Ha. He is usually happy. Most of the time, funny.

Khalish, 11 months.

Life Puzzle

Post midnight. I was awakened by a cry, and a memory of how well last night ended. Khalish retired to bed as early as 10:30 p.m., which was earlier than the previous nights. Then, Kamal gave me a massage in between his works and a problematic computer. The oil used has helped to soothe my eczema-prone skin.

"Why the sudden cry, Khalish? Did you have a bad dream?"
"Why still crying Khalish? Aren't my words and embraces soothing enough?"

After five minutes, he cried more hysterically. My mind refused to accept the bad moment. It still lingered at the memory of how well last night ended. Kamal took my place beside Khalish as I washed my face. Out of the bathroom, I saw a pant-less Khalish, and a big spot further down the bed. Ah, he cried because of the wetness. Kamal noticed and changed Khalish's diaper and pajamas immediately. It puzzled Kamal and I how was the incident possible. His diaper was changed right before bedtime. Our theory: the shake and water he requested and had before the last diaper change pre-midnight. He did not usually drink that much prior to sleep.

Khalish stopped crying all the while that Kamal and I fussed over him and the bed. He cried again though the moment we switched off the light. The soothing massage that Kamal gave me was now a distant memory. Khalish demanded that I let him out of the room. He wanted to play with his puzzles downstairs. Kamal wanted to succumb to that, yet, I insisted that all of us sleep since it was obviously sleep time, not play time. Khalish became hysterical again. I hugged him. I rocked him in my lap. I hugged and rocked him, despite his adamance to be out of the room to play, until he fell asleep. I must thank Kamal for the back massage all that while. It soothed my tiredness.

Why a new paragraph then?
You guessed it right.
Khalish cried again as soon as I put him back on the bed.
He remembered his demands.

This time around, I succumbed. I let him out. Kamal volunteered to guide him downstairs. Minutes later, I heard their laughter from the bedroom. In my head, I joked to my-extremely-tired-self, "Kamal should be the one who takes care of Khalish full time." The house would be in a mess though. Ha.

Next, suddenly, came peace. I was alone. My thoughts took over Kamal and Khalish's voices. Peaceful thoughts that thanked God for a calm husband, that was further thankful for the opportunity for me to experience motherhood, and more opportunities to discover my-true-self along that route. I meditated my way. It felt good. It still feels good.

A while later, Kamal entered the room with a deep-in-sleep Khalish in his hands. He smiled as he told me how Khalish could master the jumbo puzzle by himself, over and over again, with improved record each time. A new puzzle needed. It shall mark a new challenge, another sleepless night. We are fine.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just for Today, with Eternal Effects

Just for today, I am:

+ enjoying life as Aishah the Free Spirit;
+ reading another ten pages of a favourite book of a favourite series for its wit;
+ documenting my thoughts in words, and doodles in, yes, a pungent paper journal;
+ visualising Project Home II; and
+ just being me, a rooted me.

Just for tonight, I am also thinking of Back to the Future date with Kamal the Kindred Spirit.

Bedtime Song

Khalish enjoyed an evening of camera, puzzles, football, Yong Tau Foo, YouTube, and even a bedtime bath, with daddy. Thank you, Kamal, for the precious personal time for me, no matter how brief it was, and for being the best of friend I could ever have by topping those with a special smoothie, simply the best meal of the day. 

With that many activities within a few hours, Khalish was surely spent. Not as spent as Kamal though, who slept earlier than the little boy and I. Not wanting to disturb Kamal's sleep with my online activities that involved lots of laughter, I moved to the carpeted area and made myself cosy there. 

Someone found it inviting. He grabbed a pillow, left the bed, and lay beside me. Quietly, he took my fingers in his and stroked them, a habit I myself developed during early childhood, according to my mother. I smiled at him and continued to read an online parenthood documentation. He smiled and requested for Mister Sandman and Masihkah Kau Ingat. As Kopratasa crooned "masihkah kau ingat, ia menjadi mimpi, dan menjadi rindu', his fingers stopped stroking mine as he soon fell asleep. He must have missed me after a whole evening with the daddy, eh? So I would love to think. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Too Much, Too Little

You know how much I love to share photos, and add captions to them.
Then again, you also know how much I simply love to post here, in two sentences. 

These and Those

Those days that I did not write here were filled with events.

An intervention. Yes, as seen on How I Met Your Mother.
A talk.
Two weddings.
A masquerade ball.

Then, there were decisions to finalise. Major decisions. I am too mentally drained to even post photos. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kuih Bakar Labu

A particular point redemption system has benefitted my kitchen, and more significantly, my baking ability. As soon as the redeemed basic oven arrived, I searched for recipes that required its use. I thought of savoury recipes at first, but, I lacked the ingredients. I had been keeping a pumpkin in my pantry for a week though, wishing to turn it to Labu Masak Lemak, but, lacking turmeric leaf. As I stared at the pumpkin, I experienced a eureka moment. Kuih Bakar Labu! 

Perhaps, it was meant to be because I found a beginner-friendly recipe at Dapur Tanpa Sempadan. Since then, I have been a regular visitor because the instructions were clear, with delightful photos. If Mat Gebu visits this particular post, I shall apologise for my poor photo. The delicacy was baked at night, yet, I did not bother to use the flash gun when I photographed it, thus the shadow.Well, let us resort to labelling it as artistic, heh. 

The sumptuous recipe.
(Despite me being a half-Kelantanese, and my husband being a Kelantanese, we are not big on sugar. Hence reduced brown sugar in my version of Kuih Bakar Labu). 

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

I am obviously chirpy.
To save you from more of my chirps, I am presenting you the source of such chirpiness, in photos:

The breakfast smoothie must have tasted groovy that the son went goofy.
As for the environmental unfriendly container, it was my fault; I left his container with straw back in Rembau.
He preferred his smoothie with straw, yet, it must be in a covered container to prevent spilling.

Ah, the buck teeth, the jumbo ears. A live cartoon character.
Cereal and soy milk after Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, please, Mommy.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


"O for Octopos!" kata Khalish. Oh ya, masih pelat di sana sini.

1. Lego, 2. Truck, 3. Puzzle

Khalish's third obsession started with these pieces.

Kamal and I bought the jigsaw puzzle at Hong Kong International Airport with the last of our Hong Kong Dollar although Khalish never showed interest in it. He was more interested in its packaging. The next day, back in Malaysia, the three of us hovered over the mixed pieces, with only the parents left to interlock them in the end. The son was happily playing with one of his trucks.

A month later, again he watched Timmy of Timmy Time completing a jigsaw puzzle. Yes, he had watched that episode, but he could only relate to it now that he himself has owned a jigsaw puzzle. Khalish did not stay for his favourite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Instead, he scurried to one of the toy boxes, and the next thing Kamal and I knew, the three of us completed the puzzle.

A day later, the cycle ensued. Timmy Time. A recollection of Timmy once completed a jigsaw puzzle. A scurry of little feet towards the toy box that contained that jigsaw puzzle. A pester that the parents join him. Only to end with a frustration when the daddy told the son that the former needed to work online. Another frustration when yours truly told him that she needed to prepare lunch. Suddenly, a completed puzzle half an hour later. The only change in the cycle was the parents' non-involvement in the completion!

Gah. That was, of course, the Unnecessary Proud Parents Syndrome. I have encountered posts about toddlers exactly his then two years and three months old age completing 100-piece jigsaw puzzles. Let us not venture to the geniuses. Yes, the Unnecessary Proud Parents Syndrome is just that, unnecessary. 

Nonetheless, how could I not rejoice in the possibility that I could indulge in more reading and writing, and possibly, drawing, in the middle of full-time mothering, with yet another toy that Khalish could play independently?

When do you think I could write this post? 

Gleeful from such possibility, I got him two more jigsaw puzzles. 

The first was more of a trial, to determine whether or not Khalish was just memorising the first puzzle. He immediately loved the simplicity, the letters, and the fact that it was doable. Kamal and I loved the thick material, and, definitely, the peace. 

As soon as Khalish was able to complete the second set on his own, Kamal and I introduced him to the third set. No, not the 100-piece jigsaw puzzle. Not yet. We love the peace too much. We guided him through a bigger set though, with way more pieces. 

He reacted with a lot of "ini macam mana, daddy and mommy?" (Yes, I somehow passed my bahasa Malaysia with the least short forms to him). Boy, we did miss our 15-minute to half and hour peace, but, the introduction to more challenges was supposed to be a good investment. 

Yesterday, Khalish's grandparents came here to visit him. The little boy was so excited about his new skills with jigsaw puzzles that he decided to show them to Atuk and Wan. One puzzle after another. When it came to the more challenging puzzle, he asked for my help. I decided to exploit his excitement by just sitting at the end of the first base that I assisted him to start, and that was it. He did the rest with lots and lots of my encouragement as guidance. 

After all, the parents' previous time investment has paid. 

Who are we kidding? Kamal and I actually love the jigsaw puzzles as much as Khalish does just because the game reminds us of our childhood. Listening to my parents' own childhood stories, they had so much in common. From being fed food made of flour that came from a tin with butterfly print on it when they were very little children, to attending school with a herd of goats that happened to share the open compound. Yet, Kamal and I are 12 years apart. Back to our respective childhood, we played a lot of different games, watched different television shows, and loved different songs.

Therefore, we were ecstatic to find out one day that we happened to love encyclopedias that made us two nerds, and we timed ourselves while completing a jigsaw puzzle again and again just because we only owned one respectively within a long period. There. For now, Kamal and I are enjoying our 15-minute to half an hour peace for individual responsibilities until that time Khalish times himself while completing the jigsaw puzzles again and again.

A Migration

I have the best faith in my potential. It is about progressing forward now. With the best attitude.

Salam Maal Hijrah. 

Monday, December 06, 2010


The clock stopped to tick as Khalish was asleep, it seemed. I preferred it that way for once.

Yesterday, Kamal and I took the advantage of being awake earlier than the boy to be in front of our respective laptops. An hour later, we heard him exiting the room, making grand entrance towards where we were, via the stairs. Both of us looked at his every step. As he approached nearer, the same thought crossed our minds, 'he has grown way taller.'

The new height came with new skills. Innumerable of them, that I had to put a stop to the documentation. I hope that would lessen my obsession over him, too. Heh. At least, in Chech: Eccentric.

Now, he is awake and the clock continues to tick, fast. Bye for now. I have a lot to catch up with.

The documentation that I am putting a stop to is skill by skill update.
I am too fond of my son to let go of the label Khalish in Chech: Eccentric.

About Herbalife NouriFusion MultiVitamin Skincare

A meticulous review by Juan Johari from My Views and Reviews on Herbalife NouriFusion MultiVitamin Skincare.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Out of the Blue

One fine day within Khalish's play school trial session, Kamal and I took our time off other commitments, and enjoyed a cosy lunch together. Then, a romantic comedy. Anything for a carefree afternoon. Not, really.

We could not help from thinking about our son and he eventually became the main topic of conversation. Ha. How we amused each other with our versions of the little boy's antics. We ended our date with a souvenir for Khalish. A much needed set of desk, chair, and stool.

Now, why a post on a mere set of desk, chair, and stool?
Except for the white stool that could match any colour schemes, the rest of the set are in blue, yet our home decor is based on earth colours. Brown, green, and red, with a minute infusion of white. Naturally, the blue desk and chair stood out, sorely. Oh, Kamal and I were left with no choice at the children's department. We braved the blue nevertheless because it was important for Khalish to have a personal space he enjoys.

Then, there was another reason for this particular post. Khalish loved the set of desk, chair, and stool so much that he instantly knew how to make it less sore in the parents' eyes. The next day, I left the kitchen for the living room, to the sight of him, out of the blue, arranging a long-forgotten decoration piece, another friend's lucky draw prize that was passed to Kamal. A plastic and foam fan in the form of blue pot with red flower petals and green leaves.

It had been sitting idle on the shoe cabinet. Now, it is part of the living room, connecting, albeit in a modest manner, the initially sore blue to the basic earth colours. He was even thoughtful enough to choose a blue bowl for his morning snack and a red cup to fill the water. Since then, Kamal and I had a feeling that we would get him a little something now and then during our dates as he truly knows how to appreciate all kinds of gifts.


I told myself to be awake by six in the morning.
The self listened, and, Alhamdulillah, I was awake exactly at six.
It has been a long while since I made conscious decisions like that.
Never mind how simple it was. As simplicity leads to grandeur.
After prayer, I told myself to do something bigger.
To be more grateful of my beautiful life, by counting my blessings.
So, I counted.
A Path,
a beautiful true-self,
a spiritual, in all senses, husband,
a healthy and happy child,
a loving family who raised my husband and I as we are,
a world of inspiring people all around us,
a prosperity,
an enlightening present, an optimistic future,
and more.
I realised how they are indeed uncountable.
Indeed a grandeur.
The despair I encountered was a great guru, in disguise.
Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

I told myself to be awake by six in the morning.
The self listened, and, now, I am telling myself to achieve more.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Friday, December 03, 2010

Today's Affirmation: Smile, More

Smiles in Perth.
June 7, 2009.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Rest Assured

Yesterday was about rest.

The 2.4-year old toddler took out all the toys from their boxes? 
Usually, I would help him to put the unused toys back in the boxes, from time to time.
Yesterday, I created toy stations. Blocks on the living room carpet, jigsaw puzzle on his desk, trucks on the other living room carpet, and doodle board on the coffee table. Luckily, he knew where to park his trike and wagon. 

The husband was rushing to appointments that he could not wash the dishes he previously used?
Usually, I would help him by washing them right away.
Yesterday, I played with my son, read a number of books to him, and watched several television shows with him before eventually deciding to clean the dishes. Kamal was home by then and he volunteered to help. 

The laundry from a recent weekend tripping had filled the basket to the brim?
Usually, I would, yes, wash anything dirty right away.
Yesterday, I decided that it was not as important as my son and my personal time. Particularly when the son was taking a nap. Heh.

I would love to eat something special for lunch?
Usually, I would do online search for a beginner-friendly recipe.
Yesterday, I thanked my husband for buying frozen lasagna from a chum the previous day. It was sumptuous that I vowed to write my review in a different post. Soon.

The son demanded that you be by his side 24/7?
Usually, I would succumb 24/7 as I treasure our time together.
Yesterday, I did so only when I wanted to. When I preferred to spend quality time with myself, I would explain to him why it is also good that he does things on his own. Ah, he was understanding. 

Because of the rest, the conscious decision to take things easy, I am more collected now, and I look forward to having a productive day today. 

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Khalish at Hong Kong International Airport

New obsessions: jigsaw puzzle and travelator, aside from escalator.

After changing into pajamas, Khalish felt more at home, obviously.

Oh, yes, it felt just like Atuk Ali's backyard, too.
Somersaults, over and over again.

One happy toddler, homeward bound.

Hong Kong and Macau: The Finale

The finale, in photos with captions:

Taipa Ferry Terminal was congested that Monday. Still, we caught a glimpse of Juan Miguel Mendoza, the special guest speaker for Herbalife University 2010, who was accompanied by another succesful Herbalife Independent Distributor, Queenie Leung. All in all, my parents, my brother, Kamal, Khalish, and I had a fantastic time in Macau, thanks too to each other's company.

Trivia 1: 
Best Western Hotel is only 15-minute walk away from The Venetian; 
the former is definitely perfect for a more economical stay if Herbalife holds another event at the latter. 

Trivia 2: 
Even a three-star hotel like Best Western Hotel, Taipa, was equipped with its own casino.

Khalish could sit still with the presence of toys, with one toy at a time policy. Nevertheless, toddlers will be toddlers. 
He was intrigued by the new surrounding, as he slept throughout the first Cotai Jet ride. We did let him loose, with supervision.  The moment he started to disturb other passengers, Kamal would bring him back to the seat for me to do the soothing.

Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal, Shun Tak Center, Sheung Wan was impressive. With  an extensive network of transportations at the center, Kamal and my father did not have to haul the luggages too far to catch the train to Herbalife office in Tsim Sha Tsui. My mother, my brother, Khalish, and I decided to stay within the center, which was also connected to a shopping complex. How convenient.

It was a long journey by train from Hong Kong Station to Hong Kong International Airport, crossing the beautiful Lantau Island to reach the beautiful artificial island that, according to Wikipedia, "was formed by levelling Chek Lap Kok and Lam Chau islands". At the airport, the six of us met fellow Herbalife Independent Distributors from Malaysia, all spirited from the recent Herbalife University. We look forward to the next international Herbalife events, as well as the local ones.

For now, bye Hong Kong.