Monday, January 31, 2011

Sad News Around the World

Three days before The Chinese New Year.
Thirty one days since the civil calendar new year.
Many of us celebrate life, but, there are those who do not, at the expense of others.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spectacular Spectaculars

This hour, previous three weekends, I was with Khalish, up and down escalators. Apparently, escalator is one of Khalish's obsessions that I thanked God for because he would be occupied the whole time we were at Putrajaya International Convention Center on January 15 and 16. A variety of escalators found and rode, oh yes. That aside, my whole being really, really, really wanted to be at the convention center because of Herbalife Malaysia and Singapore Spectaculars 2011, which I valued and still value for its positivity, yet I could not attend it because I wanted to take care of Khalish during the weekends now that my long leave from work has ended. Kamal and a large number of our friends were there as well.

I wished I could join them in the Plenary Hall for the superb talks on health and the opportunities life proffer many of us just by being healthier; on the Independent Distributors' life-changing experiences with Herbalife; on Herbalife as the premier nutrition and weight management company in the world.

From the atmosphere outside the hall alone, I was sure Khalish could understand why I wanted to be there. It was exuberant. The amiable fellow distributors who greeted us along the escalator rides added vibrance to the exquisite displays of worldwide testimonies and healthy lifestyles in various media. Oh, positive energy everywhere. Khalish caught the spirit and shouted, "Leo Messi drinks shake" each time he passed by the paper statues of the Barcelona player at the main escalators, without any hint from me. He even randomly put a thumb up and said, in as spirited manner, "spectaculars!"

I also wished I carried along my camera. My priority was Khalish and his safety though, so, I chose to have both my hands free from other commitments. Nonetheless, I would love to share photos from the previous year's Spectaculars at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center. Just because I really, really, really miss such energy. Not to mention the fact that my parents and Kamal's parents were there to support us. Kamal's eldest sister, too. Then, there were our friends from all over the country who have benefited from Herbalife.

The brief stories of Herbalife Spectaculars 2010:

Day 1

The highlight of Spectaculars 2010, to me, was Paco Perez, who was first an Herbalife employee.

He pioneered the management with his close friend, the founder, Mark Hughes, then, decided to spread the goodness of Herbalife to more people by becoming an Independent Distributor, working his way from the bottom.
By 2010, he was a 20K International Executive President's Team Member, which means his organisational sale reaches half a million USD a month. 

By the way, I joined the Action Team as a dancer for the launch of Herbal Aloe products. Fun.

Magical Arabian Night. Magical indeed, as we were joined by our family members and friends. 

Energetic crowd and performers.

Day 2

Paco Perez presented his 30-year history with Herbalife and its founder, Mark Hughes.
The story defines humility in success. 

Our business coaches had an opportunity to be at the backstage with Paco Perez and Rosie Perez, as well as Bill Rahn, Managing Director, Herbalife Asia Pacific.
As speakers for one of the mini slots, Kamal and I were there, too.
A friend, Hasnul, was there as our photographer, but he ended up inspired by Paco's charisma. Who wouldn't?

Herbalife fashion and figure show, during which selected Herbalife Independent Distributors strut their weight loss/gain/management and health achievement. 
The facts were flared at the gigantic screens as those inspirations walked on the stage.

Thanks to the Strategic and Planning Team and Herbalife Malaysia management for the opportunity to share
our maiden journey with Herbalife.
Five minutes meant so much. 

Most people who do Herbalife as a business, either part-time or full-time, do so after they have gained tremendous changes in their respective lives - in weight or health management - with Herbalife products, particularly Tea Mix, Formula 1, and Formula 3.

Those who are successful in the business follow the system that has been implemented for 30 years in 2010 and enhanced along the way in more than 70 countries.
Most of all, again, they simply love the products that they feel the need to share about Herbalife with everybody. Kamal and I naturally feel the same, as well. 

The finale. Kamal and I look forward to attending the next event together again, now that I know the source for part-time nanny that could assist my parents when I leave Khalish in their care.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Do Today

I do use Google Task. However, by listing my day-to-day tasks here, I am also keeping the blog alive. It is an art of multi-tasking, too. Heh.

So, in no particular order:

i. Another cycle of laundry. With the sequels, fold and keep.
ii. Clearance of papers that litter the Study. That room will soon be Khalish's.
iii. A call to a cleaning service agency. Appointment for the so-called garden.

Last, but not least, I would love to catch up with Glee, season 2, episode 1. Double the heh.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Needs

The priorities:

1. Quick wash and speedy soak. Yes, two laundry cycles. I love my basic dryer.
2. Sweep and vacuum the floor and the carpets, while visualising Electrolux Trilobite.
3. Dust the cabinets and my notebook. I am on the brink of being attacked by Eczema.

The cleaners could only come to our place on Sunday morning.
Only the complicated tasks for them.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I had a time of my life, with C, today.
It was full of orgasm, and later, laughter.
We were high, sure.

No, C was not for Camus. It was a she.
C could also be dark chocolate and dark comedy.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Geek Gene

Khalish and jigsaw puzzles are inseparable.

He could cry his heart out on the second day of early morning in play school. Yet, he would be able to stop like nothing dramatic had happened the moment he noticed a jigsaw puzzle on one of the desks. In fact, he smiled and uttered, "hey, puzzle!"

On Wednesday evening, during a very short trip back to Rembau, I decided only to pack a scribble pad and a set of colour pencils for his amusement. How he loves to scribble. Nonetheless, now I know that he loves jigsaw puzzles more. Get a child to repeat "mana jigsaw puzzle Khalish?" 100 times exclusively to you and you will know why am I blogging about jigsaw puzzle although I have trillion of things to do now.

According to his play school teacher, he could complete a jigsaw puzzle supposedly meant for a four-year-old faster than the other four-year-olds. I believe the other four-year-olds had a number of engaging hobbies while my 2.5-year-old was only obsessed with one, which happens to be jigsaw puzzle challenge at the moment.

One day, noticing that Khalish had shouted "you did it" every five minutes, a sign he had completed his favourite 50-jumbo-piece alphabet puzzle on his own within the aforementioned time, Kamal and I brought out a new 50-jumbo-piece number puzzle. We lounged about the play area, ready to assist him with the unfamiliar pieces. That did not happen. 15 minutes later, he shouted another "you did it" and walked to us for a hand shake with a 'well done' wish. Ha.

He could complete the same jigsaw puzzle over and over again for umpteenth times the whole day. It was great that Kamal and I found jigsaw puzzles with two illustrated sides. We will find way more challenging jigsaw puzzles for him next.

Oh, the parents love, love, love jigsaw puzzles, too. Welcome to the geek family, with the jigsaw puzzle obsession. Sigh.

My wish: to indulge in a good wooden play kitchen and have ultimate fun with pretend games.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chez Chembong: Barbecue Do

Another barbecue do tonight. Hence these photos of the little family barbecue Ayah and Mak held in Rembau to celebrate their 34th anniversary last December 25.

I am very good at finding the relevant times for backdated posts, eh?

Cimi & Cilan, the chefs of Chez Chembong.

Kamal's responsibility of the day was to keep Khalish away from the kitchen.
The baits: Timmy Time and Solivite.

The guests.
From top: Kak Nani the sister-in-law, Wan the paternal grandmother, and Pakcik Bakri the uncle.

Barbecued lamb by Chef Cimi and Chef Azlan, whose kain pelikat could be seen in a glimpse in rightmost photo.

When it was my turn to eat, I kept the already-full Khalish still with, yes, Timmy Time.
Along took care of his eldest son, Haikal, while Kak Nani handled the youngest, Hazim.

Hazim, my nephew, and Izham, my cousin.

Makcik Imah and Kamal.
Makcik Imah, we were so happy that your family made that surprise visit to Rembau.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy You Year!

11:11 a.m., 11.01.11. I was alerted about that particular number arrangement precisely at that particular time. I was alerted, all right. Not because of the unique 'number arrangement', but, for the thought, "the 11th day of 2011 already?" I was truly alerted, all right!

2010 was all about:
  • A year of leave from work.
  • A year of leave from work that enabled me to devote my time to Khalish, whom Kamal and I waited precious, precious three years for.
  • Then, thanks to Khalish's nanny, Kamal and I were also able to spend more time together (although such luxury ended four months ago when the nanny decided to stay in Indonesia after being back there for Aidilfitri).
  • A year of leave from work for creative growth, particularly with language and photography, the arts I love best.
Simple, yet, most meaningful. At the start of the new year, I did not list any specific resolutions. In place of them were prayers that this year is more meaningful. 

2011, so far:
  • The one-year leave ended on January 2, 2011, and, I am now back at the office until the time comes for me to further my studies, diligently.
  • Kamal received answers to his prayers; a more fulfilling year in terms of opportunities. 
  • Khalish started play school and nursery, with interesting progress.
  • Significant efforts by Kamal and I to juggle our new responsibilities with the existing ones. I foresee success.
May all of us grow into better beings. Amin.

Rajin, oh, Rajin

Ke mana engkau menghilang?

Sunday, January 09, 2011


A series of unfortunate events today.

In the end, Khalish & I survived, and I have extra RM200 in the bank account.
Not to forget, a cleaner house.
Those, are signs of good luck!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Read and Write

Kamal came back home with another interesting book. I had only finished a quarter of the first book. The second book soon, I thought yesterday. However, from the look of the third book, I may skip the second one at the moment.

At least, ten pages a day. At most, all three books in one weekend. I enjoy reading out loud, which is slow, but satisfying. So, only three books in one weekend, or, less. Yes, I do know how to speed-read, but, it is limited to important materials.
Back at the library, where I was stationed for the first week at work:

Thursday, January 06, 2011

After One Year

Today is a younger brother's birthday. Within three days, it will be another younger brother's birthday. 25 and 26. Happy birthday, C and C.

I rarely blog now, no thanks to the absence of a familiar notebook, which I purposely left at a safe place. Yes, I am back at work, yet the placement to a new office will be announced by next week due to the lack of a certain notice that I could only submit tomorrow. The place I am stationed at for the moment is not equipped with WiFi, hence the decision not to lug the notebook along my lunch bag of Herbalife tea mix and smoothie.

The lunch bag origin: I have been less strict with my diet for the past three days. Blame it on the menstruation. The wellness coach let it be as he understood the need for a retreat. Nevertheless, the appetite surge did not last long, phew. As my coach prepared the smoothie for our breakfast, I requested for extra portion, to be packed for lunch. He happily packed a liter of water with tea mix, too.

I look forward to jogging with F tomorrow. Insya-Allah. It tends to rain cats, dogs, and dinosaurs in the evening lately. If it does rain, I will jog on Saturday morning. I am so inspired by F's discipline. Then, there are other friends with as high level of discipline to exercise, like A and N. Not to mention my coach himself. For now, I take the stairs in the morning.

Oh yes, babble, babble, babble. I love the wait for an office placement. No particular commitment means I could read as much as I want, and babble here as much as I want, too. Heh.

Saturday, January 01, 2011


I could be as plain could be.