Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Like Father Like Son

Kamal always said that Khalish is 100 percent like me. He is wrong. Khalish is only 99 percent like me.

The one percent?

Like Father, Like Son.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Home is Where the Soul is

I used to associate Bangi with only Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Until six years ago. Kamal had a task in Putrajaya on the same day I had an interview there, and, after both the task and the interview, we decided to have lunch at Bandar Baru Bangi, merely fifteen minutes away from the government complex. Our first thought was how dry the place was, no thanks to the lack of trees. Plain, too.

Two years later, we found ourselves comfortably nestled in a new section of the town, thanks to my parents, who researched for an affordable place near to my office. They found one and booked it immediately. For Kamal and I. 

Do we love the place despite our initial opinions about it? Yes, we do, for its proximity to numerous facilities. We have associated Bangi with superb selection of kopitiams and restaurants, as well. Still, we had second thought about the condition of the house. The plumbing system has been problematic since we moved here. It got worse even after two major repairs. Worst, it affected the paint and the wallpaper, the parquet staircase, the toilets, and recently, the water bill. Because of that, we had an extended second thought about the design of the house, too. 

My parents did advise us about the value of the house, which we agreed with. Instead of second thoughts, we should give the house a second chance. Find a better plumber, mend the damaged areas, and redecorate within our means. In another word: re-love. Project Home Sweet Home commences now. 
Meanwhile, as Kamal and I attempt to find a better plumber for we cannot mend the damaged areas if leakages and clogs could still occur, I would love to share a feature we love about Bandar Baru Bangi, the sunset. To our surprise, the sunsets here have always been vibrant. Layers of hues, a single intense colour, or the best of both across the horizon.

These were photographed from the porch of our house:


The View from My Porch.



Homeward Bound.

Now, I could also associate Bangi with splendid sunsets.
Have a beautiful week, o beautiful people.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Khalionel Messi

Sunday. I was awake to find Kamal's side of the bed untouched. The door was open, and, I could hear the sound from the television. Ah, UEFA Champions League Final. When I sat beside Kamal, the match had just reached half time. Definitely a rejuvenating date for Kamal and I. Football from Stadium Home, just the two of us.

Until a little boy's voice boomed upstairs. "Daddy and mommy, what are you doing?" He was in tears. Fortunately, FC Barcelona was about to receive the cup by then. I brought Khalish to the living room and pointed to the players in red and blue jerseys on the television, "can you spot Leo Messi, Khalish?"

At the mention of Leo Messi, Khalish's bad mood was immediately replaced by high spirit. He remembered well his first encounter with Leo Messi. We were at Putrajaya International Convention Center for Herbalife Spectaculars 2011 and there were promotional life size cutouts of the FIFA Men's World Player of the Year for 2010 with Herbalife shake in his hand, which naturally sparked my son's curiosity. Since then, whenever Khalish saw billboards with Leo Messi and Herbalife shake along the North-South highway, he would excitedly holler, "look, Leo Messi!"

The man's energy appeals to Khalish. He would request for another portion of shake right after watching an Herbalife advertisement on China television featuring Leo Messi. One day, as he asked me to photograph him against a door at our place, he suddenly stopped me from doing so although he seemed to be ready for my camera. He ran to the kitchen and came back with a Herbalife Formula 1 canister and posed like Leo Messi, so he said.

The sudden pose.

I could not even re-position the canister because I had to laugh out loud first. He tried his best to smile like Leo Messi. All the while saying, "mommy, sama tak Khalish senyum; macam Leo Messi tak?" 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Growing Up, Growing Interests

When I was a little girl Khalish's age, my mother remembered that I loved to fill my sketches with colours. I still do today. Unlike Khalish. Five months ago, I bought him a book full of black and white outlines and markers of various colours. His first. All the while, he preferred to doodle. He still did. He took the markers and filled the white space with a lot of doodles that came complete with stories.

'Ah, every child is unique', I thought to myself. We happily doodled together and told each other what lay behind each squiggle. Never mind the instructions in that book. When he was asleep, I erased the squiggles and kept the book and the markers at the base of the drawer I specified for his art tools. Since then, no more colouring book. Only books he was interested in.

Last week, he opened the drawer and dug his hands past the crayons and the sketch pads. Until he found the book and the markers. He remembered something.

"Khalish suka warna, mommy."
"That's great!"

I was surprised. He must have seen his older friends did so at play school. He opened the book and saw the alphabets that he knew made up words. I was summoned to be beside him to read those words. He understood the instructions as he searched for a pink marker to colour a pig. Oops, no pink marker. "Let us be creative; which colour do you like the pig to be in?" I said while making a mental note to get more markers for him.

Excited, he picked up the yellow marker, and, to my delight, filled in the black joint line and the white space in the middle and around it with colour. Hey, a new skill. No Ibrahim Hussein, but, it was a new skill that called for a celebration nevertheless. At least, I knew that, as a child, I loved my parents' encouragement and appreciation.

His Favourites. 

Today, because he has not cried at the mention of 'school, 'friends', and 'teachers' early in the morning throughout weeks, except for the beginning of each week, when even most adults were affected by Monday blues, I am going to get him a new crayon set as the existing ones are all too short for him to hold conveniently. Yes, he draws incessantly, complete with twisted narrations. A new sketch pad in mobile size, and, of course, more coloured markers. He may choose a new colouring book, without any instructions.

I remember our visit to a mall recently. I struggled to walk because the little boy feared the mannequins, which he has been disliking despite the parents' preference not to install the concept of fear like the much older generation did with us. Suddenly, he noticed a big clear window with a display of children's artworks two floors above where we were. To my surprise, he calmed down. He even led me towards that floor. Unfortunately, it was a class meant for children four years old and above, not an activity center. More crafts at home, I promised myself. 

Since then, I have been doing my own homework. While I was browsing through online pages to compile art activities, he asked daddy to read to him. Ah, play school has benefitted him in many ways. 

Read with Daddy.

Now, it is our responsibilities as parents to keep up to his new interests. Parenting is fun. With the exception of the boy's extremely naughty moments, which would be fun later when Kamal and I laughed about it. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bangkok: The End

The final day in Bangkok.

Two Ladies and A Pair of Sunnies.

The only itinerary of the day was a visit to Mah Boon Krong Center as all 34 of us had to be at Suvarnabhumi Airport by 4:00 p.m. The Tour Guides surely knew about the legendary traffic congestion in Bangkok. Within those two hours, we took note of Bangkok's landmarks along the way, and, when there was none, we posed for the cameras.

Honestly, Kamal and I were not keen about that particular itinerary. We preferred the historical sites. Nevertheless, once the two of us entered the center, we wished we had more time for exploration.

The place boasted an extensive variety of shops, including two whole floors dedicated to gadgets. We raved about the need to be back in Bangkok again since then. With Khalish.

Thai Specialties.

Both of us did not have enough Thai Baht to purchase those gadgets though. To level five we went. For Yana Restaurant. I would love to have tom yam for our last meal in Bangkok. The truth was, I could never get tired of Thailand's tom yam.

On the way to the restaurant, Kamal and I discovered a snack that we now associate with Bangkok: vacuum freeze-dried durian, of Mon Thong variety. The ingredients? 100 percent durian. If not for the price and calories, we surely would buy more packets because it was the most convenient way to have durian. Oh, the way it melted in our mouths and the flavour that seeped into our tongues were too good to be true.

Back to Yana Restaurant, we saw more of our friends there, but, we chose to have a booth for two. Once we reached Malaysia, our lives would revolve around work and Khalish. A date would be rare.

Lunch at Yana Restaurant, MBK.

While waiting for the food to arrive at our booth, we played with the camera and talked about how great the date was. How we craved for the moment. How we thought of Khalish, and wished that he had a good time with his grandparents as much as the parents had a good time with each other.

How we would create more dates once Kamal completed the demanding project he is attached with now. Amin. We also loved the fact that the waiters at the restaurant spoke fluent Malay, just like Awi and Roslan the Tour Guides. Random thought there.

Then, the food arrived. Oh, the colours. Oh, the aroma.

Tom Yam and Mixed Vegetables.

Fragrant rice, chicken tom yam, and seafood mixed vegetables. Heavenly. Dessert was thap thim krawp or red ruby. The perfect ending.

We walked and walked more afterward, with one hour to spend before we boarded the bus to the airport. The center boasted an astonishing array of goods. At cheap prices. We decided to spend the last of our Thai Baht on three ties for Kamal. Such patterns and quality would cost a bomb in Malaysia's shopping complexes.

A major of our little amount of Thai Baht actually went to Herbalife Extravaganza merchandises that we really needed. All of us loved their quality and designs. A trip to shop throughout Bangkok next time. Definitely.

Suvarnabhumi Airport. For Khalish.

Done with Mah Boon Krong, we proceeded to Suvarnabhumi Airport. The nearer we got to the airport, the more excited Kamal and I were to be with Khalish again. The photos above were shot because we knew Khalish's love for airports and airplanes.

True enough. He has asked to watch the photos we shot in Bangkok every day. The same slideshow again and again.

By the way, bad traffic congestion caused us to reach the aiport later than we would like to. The anticipation was there. Nonetheless, the travel agents assured us that every thing is under control.

Men in Jerseys.

There was just enough time to wrap our luggages, queue for check-in, and went through the immigration checkpoints. The photos you saw above were shot while waiting for the travel agents to do group check-in. Because of the long line, we were also able to answer mother nature's calls.

A Note. Based from my two visits to Thailand, I could conclude that I never chanced upon dirty restrooms. All were clean and nice.

What followed after those mandatory processes was a race to the departure gate. Ours was at the other end of the airport. No wonder Kamal and I still had space left for the hearty flight food. Ha.


Oh, we loved Thai Airways for the flight interior and the ample leg room. The service was efficient as well. Kamal and I surely felt rested throughout the three-hour flight back to Malaysia.

Everybody was too anxious to be back home to sleep. We chatted and posed for more photo opportunities. Liza even noticed Carmen Soo who passed our seats by to go to the restroom. Although she seemed tired from her journey, she did not turn down Liza and Nurul's request for a photo with her.

Soon, we landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Home sweet home. For the umpteenth time, I told Bangkok that we will be there again.


Bangkok: The Last Dinner

The Guides, The C&C.

As soon as Suzie Tan and Fadzil Muda's Team Herbalife stepped out of Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center, we were greeted by the tour guides who had accompanied us throughout our five days in Bangkok so far, Yan and Awi. They asked, "how was the finale?" and we answered, "you must experience it yourself to know why it has been called Extravaganza." They then said that we were about to have another extravaganza, albeit gastronomically, at the place where we had dinner the previous day.

Kamal and I walked towards the bus leisurely, as though we were on a date, happy with our decision to be in Bangkok together despite my initial uncertainty to trouble Ayah and Mak with Khalish. Another concern was the little explorer's curiosities that might tire the grandparents. Thank you, Ayah and Mak.

Dinner at Sophia.

Dinner for Kings.

Sophia Restaurant was ready to receive more than 30 Thai food enthusiasts by the time we arrived. Cosy ambience, lavish food spread. The tom yam and steamed fish were unforgettable. Too delish.

Efrat joined our table and Fadzil dutifully tasted the food for her, like he used to do, to determine whether or not she could enjoy the dishes. New order for Efrat definitely because all the items served were extremely "pedas". Yes, that was the word she remembered well from her stay in Singapore and Malaysia.

Too bad the kitchen was close for another order by the time we finished the dinner. We would love to have Thai coconut ice cream again. Nonetheless, there were surprise cakes for dessert!


Suzie Tan.

The cakes were for five of us who celebrated birthdays in May, namely Efrat, Suzie, An, Zi, and Iffah. It was also for Mother's Day. A note: Khalish wished me Happy Mother's Day for the first time three days later, when we were reunited at our place in Bandar Baru Bangi, thanks to Kamal's coaching.

Back at Sophia Restaurant, we sang for the birthday celebrants and the mothers. Fadzil led a prayer for everybody to have blessed life, always. We concluded the last dinner in Bangkok with more photos.
Kamal and I decided to try Thai massage and aromatherapy massage respectively before we retired to bed. Bakar and Liza did suggest a good place for the experience, but, the place was close. In the end, we chose convenience by going to a massage house opposite our accommodation, where we saw Yan two days ago. Fun.

Massage House. O.K. definitely.

So, what did we do on our last day in Bangkok?
To be continued.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bangkok: The Extravaganza Part II

The finale of Herbalife Asia Pacific Extravaganza 2011!

The whole team was early again. Good seats, yes. More importantly, we had extra time for extra knowledge from other successful Independent Herbalife Distributors around us. As one of our team leaders, Fadzil Muda, highlighted, "the trip is about garnering knowledge."

For that exact reason, the Indians and the Malaysians were also honoured to receive additional training on Niteworks by Nobel Laureate in Medicine (1998), Dr. Louis Ignarro. The same product, with a new name, will be launched in Malaysia soon. A great news for those with hearts, namely all of us.

Oh, we had extra time that morning for extra shake, too.

Good morning, Bangkok!

As the DJ revved up the 23,000 audience with upbeat music, it surely felt as though the whole Asia Pacific moved with the unbelievable energy. Happy people, happy feet. Simply spirited.

There Kamal and I were, where we sat the day before, not only cherishing the whole experience, but also each other's presence. After all, being in love with Herbalife is just another similarity between the two of us. Yes, those are our feet you see rested on a luggage that two geniuses turned to stool.

Contented, always.

We marveled at the beautiful people on the stage. We applauded their confidence. We were truly inspired by their discipline with healthy lifestyle, and, particularly, their grand love for Herbalife, the products that brought out their positive qualities.

Leslie Stanford answered our applaud for her with a heartfelt "I love being with all of you; you feed my soul." She further emphasised her reason for still being in Herbalife business although she has more than she needs. Another heartfelt "I thrive on the inspiration that you give me."

It is amazing how she never stopped to spread her mission for nutrition. Once, she talked about why Herbalife is best for weight and health management to a man without realising that he was the President of Poland. She has also shared about Herbalife with the Dalai Lama.

Kamal and I were there for the personal growth, seeing and believing the humility of these successful personas. How I will never be able to conclude about the Extravaganza and other Herbalife events that I have attended because the personal growth keeps growing. Alhamdulillah.
We were not alone. As the Herbalife Asia Pacific Extravaganza 2011 came to its end, our team was surprised by the presence of Efrat Efat. She was the person who introduced Herbalife to Suzie Tan, and later, Fadzil Muda, and the rest of our senior partners.

The pioneer of our team! All the way from U.S.! After more than five years!

Her husband often caught her in tears, and when he asked why, she mentioned her Team Herbalife back in Malaysia. For her birthday, he presented her ticket to Bangkok. And, she found her way to the Extravaganza venue right after she reached Suvarnabhumi Airport. 

Only Suzie knew Efrat would be there. The rest of those who had missed her surely felt that the scene was too surreal. They embraced each other. They shed tears of happiness. 

 A surprise by Efrat!

Heartwarming. Enough said.


Efrat got to know the rest of the team better during the conclusion session, when we shared our thoughts on Extravaganza and our visions afterwards with the others. A compact session it was, yet, impactful. Efrat herself gave us the final words.


Kamal and I pray for a space for us to be at Herbalife University, Seoul, South Korea, in September. Insya-Allah. Meanwhile, as I said, "the personal growth keeps growing."

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sometimes, I Tend to Forget that He is Only Two Years and Ten Months Old

Mojo, o, mojo. I have been an abundance of energy when it came to Chech: Eccentric, albeit it being only in the evening lately. By the time Khalish was back from the play school and daycare center, yes. All he wanted back at home was mommy, mommy, mommy. Or, daddy, daddy, daddy, with mommy photographing their activities as he demanded so.

He used to be able to play independently before Kamal and I travelled to Bangkok.
Afterward, he clinged to us, particularly to me, as though he begged not to be left for a long time again.
Normal, eh.

I answered the call of my mojo for Chech: Eccentric yesterday anyway. Which ended at a paragraph of three sentences. Entering the fourth sentence, this happened:


With those tears, he clutched my leg and begged me to be only with him. Watch Playhouse Disney beside him. Play cars at his desk. Read to him. No computer, not even dinner allowed. Those, after I postponed my dinner because he would love to dine while holding my hands.

Haggard from a long day, I asked Kamal to leave the office earlier. Hearing that Daddy the Discipliner was on the way home, Khalish immediately wiped his tears, and mine, which welled in my eyes, and compromised his own rules. "Mommy boleh makan sambil tengok Handy Manny dengan Khalish, ok."

As soon as Kamal opened the door to our house, Khalish was already in good mood. Just like he was last Friday. A fitful dominator with mommy who turned to a fun cowboy with daddy:


Today, it hit me that Khalish would one day morph into a mysterious teenager, who talks more to his friends than his parents, and, I thank God for his need for me now. When I kissed him at the play school compound this morning, he hugged me and said, "mommy, nanti kita baca buku macam semalam bila Khalish balik ya." With those words, I was reminded about his positive quality as opposed to his challenging behaviour. He always remembers the best things out of the whole experience. He highlighted my willingness to sacrifice dinner for a story session instead of my desperate call for the discipliner.

Meanwhile, I have learned to say 'no' when he demanded to go to McDonald's yesterday's evening. My fault. A Happy Meal lunch on a hectic weekend and a hotcakes breakfast I bought to soothe his Monday blues.

I should have known that he was actually not addicted to the unhealthy cheeseburger or the overpriced hotcakes. He just wanted another Patrick straw. I also should have known that he is actually easy to please. At the moment, he loves breakfast smoothie sipped with the Patrick straw and slideshow of our travel photos.

Khalish, Patrick, and Shake.

Here, he was caught in various acts while watching the slideshow of our recent Bangkok excursion for the umpteenth time. I have a clue that I will be sitting next to him for the same slideshow tonight. Which I love.

Khalish and Slideshow I.

Khalish and Slideshow II.

Khalish and Slideshow III.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yet Another Break (from Bangkok)

Another Break
Have a break, have some sandwiches and salad.
Kamal and I at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center. 

Kamal, Khalish, and I are out and about the whole weekend.
More posts on Bangkok when we are back.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bangkok: The Extravaganza Part I

The Extravaganza!
Long post ahead. Enjoy it as much as I do.

Herbalife Asia Pacific Extravaganza 2011 commenced on May 6, Friday, with Global Nutrition Transition Conference, Leadership Meeting, and World Team Training. My second Extravaganza, true. Yet, I was so amazed at the grandeur of the event that I did not use my camera at all!

Thus the number of photos from May 7 onwards. I surely did not want to miss a thing anymore. Photos began right from the road where the hotel was located and ended at the venue of the event:

Ready, Set, Go!

Suzie Tan and Fadzil Muda's Team Herbalife, who decided to take the tour package offered by Triways Travel Network, Malaysia, departed from our accommodation, The Centric Ratchada, to Extravaganza 2011 venue, Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC), as early as 6:30 a.m. Thailand time. Kamal and I woke up at 4:00 a.m. as we preferred to have ample time for prayers, bath, shake breakfast, and extra shake preparation to be had during tea times and lunch. Thus the little baggage that Kamal pulled in the rightmost photo above. There was enough water for both of us, too.

Back to the trip to BITEC. Thanks to the weekend, the traffic was smoother than the previous weekdays. It was great to be early.

Early Birds.

Alhamdulillah, being the early birds, the team managed to secure front seats for the general qualifiers. The leaders reminded us the advantage of being VIP qualifiers: earlier entrance time thus the ability to secure front seats for the general qualifiers, fewer people, and, proximity to the stage which means closer view of the speakers hence better photo opportunities. Another way to have good seats is by qualifying to the Top Achievers Business Team. President's Team Members, Chairman's Club Members, and Founder's Circle Members even had their own tables and lounges.

Nevertheless, there have always been big screens strategically located around the hall. No problem for those seated at the back. Just like Kamal and I first did during Herbalife University 2009, Taipei.

(Among) The People.

Being early also enabled me to roam around BITEC for more photos as Kamal helped the leaders to guard the aforementioned seats for general qualifiers in the team. I also brought with me a canister of Herbalife Formula 1 Cappuccino flavour in case I found a distributor from other countries who would love to swap their respective distinctive products with me. Such swapping is a culture during international events as there are products unique to a certain country within the Asia Pacific region.

Herbalife Formula 1 Mango flavour is only available in India. Cappuccino flavour is accessible merely in Malaysia and Singapore. The Indonesians have Wild Berry flavour to swap with, while Thailand offers its special Strawberry flavour. South Korea and Taiwan are famous for Cookies n' Cream flavours. Then, there is a range of Herbalife Shake for Kids and Active Fiber Complex. Oh, a lot more!

The Adorable Children.

I actually managed to swap the Cappuccino flavour with Cookies n' Cream flavour although I was mainly out there to shoot photos of people. Particularly children, because I missed Khalish. My favourite photos feature a little girl from Japan in LA Galaxy with Herbalife logo jersey, and a little boy who was intrigued by the abundance of buttons around him. Cuteness.

I knew that the team was there extremely early when I got to enter the hall again to have a second portion of shake and keep another canister of Formula 1 Cappuccino flavour in my sling bag. Afterward, there was still time for more photos, another swapping, and two visits to the ladies' room. I love punctuality.

The Positive Aura of 23000 Spirits.

I only entered the hall again when I heard the cue song, Tina Turner's Simply the Best. The energy from 23,000 spirited people seeped into me, and, I must emphasise here that it is one of the reasons why I love attending such events. These souls love Herbalife as much as Kamal and I do because of the positive changes in life, thanks to Allah's will and the products. How we also long to spread the positive changes and this love to others.

Flags of 13 Asia Pacific countries and other countries from different regions waved to the music mix by the DJ and the cultural shows performed by the local dancers. We simply could not wait for the speakers to begin their sessions. Michael O. Johnson, Herbalife Chief Executive Officer officiated the event.

Michael O. Johnson.

"A powerhouse of speakers with their impressive credentials came to the Extravaganza and imparted their knowledge to the audience, making each and every person in the hall proud to be a part of this company called Herbalife."

True. The main reason both Kamal and I look forward to these events. As Kamal put it, he would not hesitate to pay thousands of Ringgit Malaysia in the past to be a part of self-improvement seminars. Now, he paid less yet acquired more. 

"We come here to be inspired, to be motivated, to grow."
Michael O. Johnson, Herbalife Chief Executive Officer, who also concluded his session that day with 
"I am the brand" as he and his family consume Herbalife shakes and other products daily. 

The Focus, The Force.

"I received Herbalife as a gift; which I received without any conditions."
The new Founder's Circle Members from South Korea, Tae Ho Kim and Hyun Mo Koo, who brought the audience to tears when they shared those words, those feelings from their hearts.

Read their story here.

The Essentials.

Translation services through FM channels were available for speakers who chose to speak in their respective native languages. Our Business Coaches taught us during the previous Extravaganza to record the sessions through the English FM channel. To listen to again and again in the car later.

Therefore, it is essential that an attendee brings along with him or her a device with FM radio. Kamal and I used MP3 players. For those who forgot to bring such devices, they could get FM radios at the Merchandise Booth. I also preferred to write notes for viewing pleasure.

Fantastic Fast Food.

Came afternoon break, one would witness various ways people enjoyed the shakes. Some used the shaker cup, some the shake mixer, and some have prepared the shake back at their accommodations. Like us. Because of the quick lunch, Kamal and I had plenty of time to walk around BITEC. We brought with us more canisters of Formula 1 Cappuccino Flavour, in search for Wild Berry and Cookies n' Cream. We needed more of the latter as a Mother's Day gift. My mother loves the ice-cream like sensation.

We walked as far as the other side of BITEC. The place was dedicated for Herbalife Merchandise Booth and a newly introduced Shake Bar. Sales from certain merchandises and the shakes were channeled to Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF).

The Break.

The place buzzed with activities indeed. Apart from the swapping sessions, the Herbalife Merchandise Booth, and the Shake Bar, people also thronged an open massage parlour. We noted the reasonable price tags for food & beverage and services at BITEC.

All in all, we did get 1) two canisters of Formula 1 Cookies n' Cream, 2) a canister of Formula 1 Wild Berry, 3) a canister of Active Fiber Complex Apple flavour, and 4) a lot of photos.

He Has Had His Shake Today.

Thanks to the highly nutritious shakes for an efficient day. Next time, Kamal and I would love to try the special shakes from the Shake Bar. We fervently hope that the concept would be continued at the next international event. More photos of the Shake Bar tomorrow.

The Shake Bar, along the HFF merchandise sales and a silent auction of premium items at the President's Team Lounge have raised USD65,000, which benefitted Asia Pacific Casa Herbalife.

Leslie Stanford

The shakes kept us alert for the next session as well. Leslie Stanford, Founder's Circle Member from Canada has consumed Herbalife and shared its wonders with others for 30 years. This year, she is 53 years old, but, she appeared to be younger. Ah, she was simply exuberant.

I admired her passion the most. She craved for success in life, sure, but, she wanted the success to be based on her enthusiasm. She said, "if we are in here just for the money, we are not going to last in Herbalife." I understand perfectly. Most of us at the Extravaganza were there because Herbalife has given us new bodies, new health, and new perspectives in life. We have strong 'why'.

Brothers and Sisters in Arms

Concluding the whole session was A Night of Recognition. What an inspiring conclusion. We beheld people from all walks of life talked about their successes, both in weight and health management and business.

Before Kamal and I stepped out of the hall, we chanced upon Kamal's friend from Malay College Kuala Kangsar, Luqmanul Hakim, and his wife, Sabrina. We love being around people like them because they are always grounded no matter how high they fly. In her hand, Sabrina was holding a story about her son, Faisal. He has been diagnosed with lissencephaly or smooth brain, a rare brain formation disorder. Hakim and Sabrina really appreciate Herbalife because it provides Faisal with the best nutrition that has improved his situation tremendously.

Oh yes, Herbalife gives us a second, better life. With the will of The Almighty. Enough 'why' to keep us going in this mission for nutrition.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Break

Bangkok, Bangkok, Bangkok. More of my experiences in a series of posts after I have shared a photo of Khalish last night. This particular post reflects how I missed him while I was travelling; how I blogged about him the first minute I found free WiFi access at the hotel room.

Here is Khalish in pyjamas at midnight, just back from a long excursion around Bangsar, Subang Jaya, and Kelana Jaya (thanks to the public holiday), still excited about a new toy bulldozer. So excited he was that he hysterically urged me to take my camera and photograph the bulldozer. When Kamal and I laughed at his desperation to find an activity that could keep us away from the bedroom, he cried and repeated the previous demand louder.

He even checked the photos on the camera screen, trying to find a thing he disliked about them so that I would have to photograph the bulldozer again. So that we would be at the living room for a longer period. He did find a photo with him being the focus. "Mommy, jangan ambil gambar Khalish; ambil gambar trucklah!"

"Mommy, ambil kamera; ambil gambar bulldozer, cepat!"
Look at his exasperation.
The need to keep the activities rolling.
To be in the living room instead of the bedroom.
How could Kamal and I not laugh?

Back to posts on Bangkok soon.

Khalish has been playing slideshow for the Herbalife Asia Pacific Extravaganza album in iPhoto every single day, and, because of that, Kamal and I still miss Bangkok. We obviously need another trip with our Team Herbalife. We cannot wait for Herbalife University in Korea this September!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011