Thursday, June 30, 2011

Speedy Recovery, Super Boy!

About Khalish. After three days of high temperature at night, I thought the fever medicine was not good enough. I brought him to the pediatrician today and he was diagnosed with tonsillitis.

Nevertheless, I am grateful because the little boy is still active, with unaffected appetite. He became too attached to Kamal and I though. Yesterday, he wanted to watch Playhouse Disney on my lap, in my embrace. Until he fell asleep. Today, he woke up when I sponged him. It was 5:00 a.m. He woke Kamal up as well and we had an early breakfast over iPhoto slideshows. As tiring as it could be to tend to his unpredictable moods in between work and other responsibilities during the three days he has been bothered by fever and tonsillitis, Kamal and I try our best to provide him our undivided attention.
Speedy recovery, super boy. Hopefully, by tonight. You may not have any problem with medicine. Your daddy and I, however, agree with the pediatrician that it is better for the body to heal on its own than succumbing to antibiotic too early.

Just for memory, or for that moment your child thinks that medicines taste funny, Khalish:

Khalish and Medicine.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011



Down with fever. High in spirit.    

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kamal and Khalish

Khalish and his Fitness Instructor. Or, vice versa.

During the weekend, once Kamal completed important online tasks and Khalish was bored of Playhouse Disney, they indulged in activities both of them have always loved. Play, play, play. With balls. They kicked ball at the little park in front of our place, and later, at the porch. When the heat outside became too intense to bear, they brought the game inside the house. Albeit with fitness balls, because I cringed at the thought of the hard futsal ball hitting the fragile items indoor. 

They did almost every thing together last Saturday and Sunday in fact. Kamal even bathed Khalish and changed the boy's diapers throughout the weekend. Whenever Kamal used the notebook, Khalish insisted to use one, too, which happened to be mine. The reason I resorted to house chores. 

Yesterday, Kamal came back from the office before Maghrib. That was early for him. He actually had a fever. After tending to Kamal's needs, I rushed to the daycare center to fetch Khalish. Surprise, surprise, the boy has also contracted a fever in between afternoon nap and tea time. Kamal and Khalish are indeed best friends. 

Their fever subsided after midnight. Kamal did mention a slight headache in the morning, but, he proceeded to work anyway due to important meetings tomorrow. I packed extra Formula 1 smoothies for Kamal. For extra energy.

Meanwhile, I take a leave from other priorities today in case the boy's temperature increases. He is as active as ever though. I fervently hope Kamal is back to his energetic self, too. The boy has been requesting to use the fitness balls with the daddy.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend for Three

Iron Man.

Kamal, Khalish, and I have an unwritten, unspoken understanding for weekends at home. The three of us are entitled to personal time from breakfast onwards, until lunch hour. Kamal usually catches up with the world wide web, Khalish with the books and the toys, and I with the basic house chores and a number of hobbies. The littlest does tag me along now and then as I clean the rooms or iron the clothes.  At times, with his toys. If I see him without any, I will delegate suitable chores to him. For fun. 

It was the same last weekend. For lunch, Kamal suggested a restaurant at Seksyen 7. Seeing Khalish still shirtless after the mid-morning bath as he himself wanted to be, I handed him a t-shirt to wear. He suddenly ran towards Kamal's notebook, reached for the wireless mouse, and pressed it onto the t-shirt. "Daddy, I iron the clothe. It's hot!"

We almost drove to the mall to get him home care toys. Ha. Unfortunately for Khalish, we had just braved a crowded mall the previous weekend, thus the need for tranquility this time around. Movie right at home on Saturday and one of Putrajaya parks on Sunday. New dining experiences, too. We recommend Restoran Sup Urat Ketin for Sate and Umai D' Lake Cafe for the variety of food, including Lempeng Pisang, as well as the surrounding.

Khalish was too excited about the new experiences that not even Kung Fu Panda and escalator videos could keep him still. Kamal and I had to think of various ideas to calm him. For this reason, there is no photo of us at both restaurants. We will definitely return there.

Wait. There are photos of us at our favourite western restaurant, Pizza San Francisco, though. Even photos of Khalish being the daddy's personal shopper at Hot Sport, right above the restaurant:

Still Obsessed with Escalator.

Khalish Sees, Khalish Does.

Daddy's Personal Shopper.

Apart from Khalish's iron surprise and the new dining experiences, our weekend was also highlighted by other simple things:

+ The World War II parody, Top Secret! 
+ New outdoor spot right in Bandar Baru Bangi for a ball game with Khalish.
+ Inspirations to exercise regularly again.
+ New sketch book for yours truly with two filled pages.

For now, happy weekdays, beautiful people.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Khalish in Wonderland

Venue: Hotel Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank You, Khalish

Mommy-Son Time.

Kamal and I celebrated our sixth anniversary on June 18, 2011. Six superb years, during which we were blessed with the presence of Khalish. Alhamdulillah. Kamal has had reports on work to complete during weekends, yet, he managed to surprise me that Saturday with an anniversary gift; a change of mood, a stay at a pleasant hotel. Due to Kamal's other work and personal commitments, he booked a room merely five kilometers away from our place though. Yes, right in Bandar Baru Bangi. All of us felt like we were in a resort hundreds of kilometers away from home nevertheless.

The little one was the happiest among the three of us, of course. The place won his heart for its free pencil and papers. Easy to please, just like the parents.

Mr. Happy.

We maximised our time in the room by just enjoying each other's company. Kamal and I brainstormed affordable ideas to make our bedroom as cosy as the hotel room. Khalish chipped in his idea, his way, "Khalish suka bathtub and swimming pool!"

Because of his non-stop mention of bathtub and swimming pool, we quickly changed to swimming attires. By the way, aside from the proximity to his appointment venues, Kamal chose Hotel Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya for its vast swimming pool and the picturesque garden. 

Duyung. Bukan Dugong.

His New, Funny Smile.

"I wish my mommy did not forget my floats"

I went loco with my camera that there are innumerable photos of Khalish, not only at the hotel pool and garden that day, but also in the room, throughout the mere two days and one night we were there. I certainly would love to share Khalish's various expressions in those photos. In different posts, ya.

We only went back to our room two and a half hours later. Someone was exceedingly hungry, he thought the food served for the tourists next to our poolside lounge chairs was also for him. The only disadvantage of a spontaneous holiday was the tendency to forget mundane but important items such as snacks and floats. Very important indeed to a toddler.

Just Like Daddy.

Once in the room, that someone was suddenly no longer hungry, thanks to the bathtub. Phew. Kamal and I have added 'bathtub' in a must-have item for every bathroom at our imaginary new home.

Refreshed, we watched the television while waiting for Maghrib. Dinner date at Cafe Lavista afterwards.
His Habit.

That night, Khalish did not request for Playhouse Disney or books. He simply lay beside Kamal and studied the daddy's hand with his fingers. A habit that I used to have when I was little. Moments later, the fingers were still. He was asleep. It reminded me of the last time the three of us had a break from the usual weekends at home. Eventually, a personal time for Kamal and I.
The next day, we woke up to a cheerful boy chirping "good morning, sun, good morning birds, good morning daddy and mommy" and we knew that it would be difficult for us to plan a romantic vacation without him one fine week. He has been too fun, mischiefs and all. A perfect end to a night, a perfect start to a day.

Two; One for Daddy, One for Mommy.

Breakfast Smoothie.




Au Revoir.

Thank you again for your love, Khalish. You make daddy and mommy's life more meaningful. 
We will properly plan a vacation for the three of us, hopefully soon. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Succumbed

School Trip.

Browsing through old family albums, I could not help noticing the mandatory poses of my siblings and I every year. Us in school uniforms, early in the morning, in front of the gate, unsure how to smile. In ten years, my son might notice the same thing in the C&C family albums. Heh.
Khalish, now I know the reason for such photos. My siblings and I were thrilled about a new day that we just wanted to be where the source of thrill was. Parents' camera only slowed us down. You, you were thrilled, too. Not about a first day at school. It was actually the first time you understood what a school trip was as our conversations had revolved around Aquaria and Kuala Lumpur Tower for the past one month. Like your uncles and I when we were little, you would rather be the first person to board the bus than being in front of the camera. 

Yet, the parents could also be as excited. Ah, when you become a parent, you will ignore your thrilled child's uncertainty to react upon your request for a photo because he or she will look extremely cute in the school outing attire that you would rather be late to work than missing the opportunity to capture that moment. The ultimate cuteness in your first photo in one of your school uniforms? Those baggy pants, definitely.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seksyen 9, Bandar Baru Bangi

Seksyen 9 at Sunset.

The View of Section 9, Bandar Baru Bangi, from Hotel Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya, pre-sunset.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Best Gifts

Danny the Digger.

Khalish and one of the books from the truck series. Thank you, Rose. You surely know how Khalish loves trucks. 

I also would love to thank Clarisse for Baby Einstein's My First Books of Discovery, and, another dear friend who prefers to be anonymous for now, for Noraslina Jusin and Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman's Bicaralah Atas Nama Kasih. Books, to Kamal and I, are always the best gifts.

I, Unpredictability


A change of routine today.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Khalish's Wishes

Happy Father's Day

Khalish was extremely excited last Friday when I fetched him from play school. The moment the teacher opened the door for me, he blurted, "mommy, Happy Father's Day!" With a suppressed laughter, I hugged him and replied, "thank you, darling."

I then explained to him that Father's Day was meant for daddy, not mommy. Oh, you should see his face when he saw Kamal later that day. It was not Father's Day yet, of course, but, he made a badge for the occasion at school with a lot of help from the class teacher.

He knew it was special. The teachers must have explained that the badge was for daddy, but, he must have forgotten about it in his excitement. With my explanation, he remembered who the wish was for, and, he could not wait to see Kamal. He wished Kamal a "Happy Father's Day" a hundred times throughout the weekend. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Parents' Day

Parents' Day

Sunday, June 19, 2011 is Father's Day. Nevertheless, I declare it as Parents' Day instead because I did not manage to wish Mak and Mok 'Happy Mother's Day' on its actual date, due to other commitments. Oh, every day is Parents' Day in fact.  

Ayah & Mak, Ayoh & Mok, Kamal and I love you. 

(To Kamal, thank you for the sixth anniversary wish in Chech: Eccentric. Je t'aime.)

Tartan pattern, tape strip, and alphabet pearls are by Pugly Pixel.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy 6th Earthly Anniversary, My Soul Mate

Words, even thousands of them, would never be sufficient to tell how much I love you. Thank you for the past six wonderful years we have spent together. Here is for another 60 years or more being together on this blessed earth. :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Box, Its Lid

Imagination is one of Khalish's best friends. One morning, he took an empty jigsaw puzzle box and its lid, ignored his most favoured person in the world, namely me, and entered his own universe. He surprised me with his spontaneity with the box and its lid:

Boxes as Shoes.
As shoes.

Box as Boat Paddle.
As boat paddle.
Oh, that basket has always been his boat.

Boxes as 3D Puzzle Pieces.
As three dimensional puzzle.

Box as Hat.
As hat.

Boxes as Drums.
As drums.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rarely Together

Us, 2009. 
Two days towards our anniversary, I scoured the photo archive for a little project, and then, I realised that the two of us have rarely been photographed together. We could either present ourselves, for the anniversary, with a couple photography session or a more mobile tripod than the one we own now. Heh.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


aku rindu Kamal.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still in One Piece

His First 200 Pieces

Khalish's first 200 pieces. Kamal thought that it should be framed. I thought he was being too sentimental. "No, I just want to appreciate the sweat, tears, and blood shed while we were at it." 

Ha. I was there and I can vouch for the veracity of the statement. Although Khalish was the one who opened the box of jigsaw puzzle and pulled Kamal's hand to the desk, yet, he was the first to lose focus and asked me to read to him instead. Abandoned puzzle? Absolutely a no no to a puzzle enthusiast like Kamal. 

In the end, everybody in the house cheered for a completed puzzle. Not to forget, for the shed sweat, tears, and blood. And, now I know why Kamal cheered the loudest.